Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among American women. Each year, over 200,000 women are diagnosed. While the nation is still on the road for a cure, spas participating in our Fall Spa Week Event will be showing much love and support through their “Think Pink” themed treatments. Don’t worry about searching through our site to find out if there’s a spa offering a “Think Pink” themed treatment near you. We compiled a list of those spas to make your life much easier, that way, all you have to do is book your appointment!

Vito Mazza Salon & Spa 


Where: Woodbridge, NJ

Pink Treatments:

  • 60 Min Think Pink Massage with Sweet Pink Sugar Body Scrub and Warm Stone Massage- This treatment includes a Sweet Pink Sugar Body Scrub followed by a Warm Stone Massage to ease muscle stiffness.
  • 60 Min Think Pink Fusion Facial with Booster Peel or Rapidex Treatment- Perfect for the cold weather and those with sensitive skin, this facial uses Organic Berry Flavor Actives to leave your skin moisturized and glowing.
  • 60 Min Think Pink Pedi with Pink Moon Shea Butter for Breast Cancer Awareness- While enjoying a Lamina Mask, your feet will be scrubbed with a Rasmopolitan Fine Body Scrub that’s infused with organic vodka and juice raspberry extract. Then, a honey oat yogurt mask is applied to soothe and smooth the skin. Lastly, you’ll receive a deliciously-smelling Pink Moon Shea Butter Massage! Sign up here.

Spa Botanica at Embassy Suites


Where: Concord, NC

Pink Treatments:

  • 50 Min Think Pink Body Glow Treatment- You’ll receive a full body brush exfoliation with a scrub, and then be moisturized from neck to toe with a luxurious shea butter. Sign up here.

nu glo medi-spa 


Where: Hewlett, NY

Pink Treatments:

  • 60 Min THINK PINK Himalayan Scrub/Soak + 10% of Proceeds Will Go To Susan G Komen Foundation- There’s not much this treatment doesn’t do. Bathing in the Himalayan pink salt solution will detoxify your skin and infuse a variety of minerals into your skin, ultimately making your skin glow. Plus, this treatment helps reduce cellulite and de-bloating. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Sign up here.

Grand Spa 


Where: Dallas, TX

Pink Treatments:

  • 50 Min ‘Think Pink’ European Organic Facial with Alpha-Hydroxy Treatment- Rejuvenate and hydrate your skin while fighting wrinkles with this organic facial. Alpha-Hydroxy acids stimulated collagen production, so not only your wrinkles will be improved but your skin’s pigmentation as well. Sign up here.

Indulgence Massage & Bodywork


Where: Bowie, MD

Pink Treatments:

  • 60 Mins Bottoms Up Bliss- Massage with Rum Punch of Watermelon Cooler Hand + Foot Scrub- First, you’ll receive a Quinsberry botanical oil towel compress on your feet and hands. After, they’ll use a scrub that includes raspberry extract and Square One Vodka. They’ll finish the experience with a botanical Quinsberry light oil massage. Sign up here.

Skin Innovations Skin Care & Spa 


Where: Newton, MA

Pink Treatments:

  • 50 Min Pink Quartz Breast Cancer Awareness Facial- This is a healing and de-stressing facial, for the pink quartz is known to open up your heart lines and attract love and abundance. Lines will also be diminished and your skin completely rehydrated. Sign up here.

Support your fellow women and those are/have been affected by Breast Cancer this Fall Spa Week by booking a “Think Pink” treatment! Let us know what you choose in the comments below.

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