I hate to be that person but: October’s here and Thanksgiving will arrive before you know it. If you feel stuck in a rut because summer’s officially over (I’m still trying to convince myself of this) then perhaps, you’re in need of a hair cut and color change.


If you live in or near Mission Hills, California, your next destination should be Yahaira Kolb Hair Extensions Salon. Their mission isn’t to recreate a new you, but create a better you. Here’s what they’re offering this Fall Spa Week Event:

  • Partial Highlights and treatment
  • Hair Cut and Blowout
  • Single Coloring + Treatment

You won’t find yourself waiting long for your appointment once you arrive, and you won’t have to explain to your stylist what your #hairgoals are again and again.  The best of all is, each hairstyle is extremely knowledgable and in tune with your wants and needs- making (what can normally be, a nerve-wracking experience) your hair treatment experience as pleasant as can be.

Don’t second guess yourself. Book your treatment at Yahaira Kolb Hair Extensions Salon today and let us know what chose in the comments below!

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