“No one likes a caked face,” my mom would say.

For as long as I can remember, Mom would tell me to wear the minimal amount of makeup. You know, just enough to accentuate my favorite features. After living on this earth (and with my mother) for 22 years, I can now say with absolute certainty: Mom was (and is) always right.

I always keep my mother’s advice at the forefront of my mind when shopping for new cosmetics. I favor lines that are all natural because I have sensitive skin and try to refrain from using potent ingredients. Not to mention, with natural beauty on the horizon, it’s easier to find a cosmetics brand that is truly perfect for you.

With all the natural cosmetic brands to choose from – I keep finding myself going back to my one true love: Hynt Beauty. It so happens that my go-to line is also our 2017 Fall Cosmetics Sponsor for our Fall Spa Week Event. All of Hynt’s products fall under the category of “clean beauty.” When you wear them, your face really does look light, clean and bright. They are a trustworthy and stand-up brand that strictly follow ethical practices so you “can feel confident and comfortable” wearing their products.

Because it may be a bit overwhelming choosing which products you want to buy (they’re just all too good!) I created a list of the ones I currently heart most. Yes, this was a very difficult process.



Winner: SOLARE Bronzing Powder

Why I Love It: I’m a bronzer girl. Always have been, always will be. However, that is not to say I walk around looking like Snookie. This bronzer is perfect to give your skin a touch of beach glow. I even like to use it as blush occasionally.



Winner: ALTO Radiant Powder Blush: Alluring Peach

Why I Love It: Similar to why I love using a light bronzer occasionally on my cheeks, I find that peach-toned blushes create a more sun-kissed, youthful and natural look.



Winner: STELLA Loose Powder Eye Shadow – Seashell Pink

Why I Love It: Vegan and paraben-free, this eyeshadow is everything you could need. The shade goes perfectly with other colors as well, like browns, golds, blues, etc. It’s not too shimmery and even if you choose to apply generously, you do not have to fret about looking too done up.



Winner: FORTE High Definition Black Eye Liner

Why I Love It: First off, this eyeliner is made with coconut oil. How amazing is that? Secondly, it’s irritant-free and glides on so seamlessly. If you wish to go for a smoky eye, the applicator has a smudge tip so you can create any look you want!



Winner: NOCTURNE Mascara

Why I Love It: I am that girl who loves applying 2-3 layers of mascara but hates clumps. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy and relieved to know this mascara does not clump or bleed easily! And don’t worry about curling your lashes prior to the application, for this mascara will curl and lengthen.



Winner: LIBRE Lip Gloss in Pearly Rose Pink

Why I Love It: The color is soft, feminine and innocent yet sexy. The shimmer and light pink shade makes it versatile and easily wearable over a variety of lipstick shades.



Winner: ARIA PURE Lipstick in Passion Plum

Why I Love It: With October here and November around the corner, this color (a mix of rose/mauve) suits for an easy and glamorous transition to winter.

Have you fallen in love yet? Let us know which products you want most in the comments below!

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