Seriously…you can achieve the perfect brow in 3 simple steps!

Since big bold brows became popular, we’ve seen it all – glitter, bleached, rainbow, squiggle, braided, LED, rounded, s-shaped, boy, feathered, straight, negative space…the list goes on and on with the outlandish things that can be done with brows.  The truth is, most people just want full, defined, natural-looking arches to frame their eyes, so Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar (30 Greenwich Avenue), says stick to the basics!  GROW, WAX and TINT!

“We’ve served over 299k brows at The Boom, and we can say for sure that the bold brow is staying…trends are not!!” says Boom Boom.

Stick to these Brow Basics for the Perfect Brow

  1. GROW – Let’s do some rehab baby and grow them in! Takes about 3-6 months to get brows back. Growth can be boosted with a growth serum like Boom Boom Brow Job. And, don’t touch them, not even a little bit! 
  1. WAX – Once there is enough to work with, have brows waxed by a professional who can sculpt brows to compliment face shape. After that, schedule maintenance no more than once a month.
  1. TINT – Fill it in baby!!  All those tiny little hair’s can ban together and actually make a brow look thick. Tinting fills in gaps and makes brows look more prominent so eyes look lovely and less tired.

Don’t let gimmicks stand in the way of immaculately manicured, ultra-thick arches – get back to the basics with Boom Boom!

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