How quickly has this holiday season flown by? If you’re still wondering how we made it through 2017, you’re not alone. And, if you’re anything like us, you might still be trying to cross a few difficult people off of your list for the holidays. Here’s our guide for all of your tricky friends and relatives– there’s still time to order on Amazon prime and here at Spa Week.

The one who has EVERYTHING


Contigo Autoseal West Loop Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid $14.99

We all know that person who has everything. You come up with a new idea for them and then you find out that they already own whatever you were thinking of. This year, buy them a practical gift that they can always use more of. Everyone has left their mug at the office or at a friends and been lost without their coffee during the commute. A travel mug is always handy, even when you already own one.

The One Who Returns Every Gift


Conair Therma Luxe PTW1 Towel Warmer $95

Anyone else have a relative that’s returned every gift you’ve ever given them? It can be hard to find the motivation to even look for an idea for them. We recommend a towel warmer — something that everyone will love! Who wouldn’t kill for warmer towels when they leave the shower during the chilly winter months? They won’t be returning this.

The New Mother


NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat, Hand Vibration Therapy, Adjustable Intensity and Deep-Kneading for Back, Legs and Feet Pain $65.99

This time of year, new mothers have everything they could ask for. Between baby showers, the holidays, and the birth of their baby, their house is full of gifts from everyone they know. Give the new mom in your life the gift of pampering. Help her treat herself to a spa day with this neck and shoulder massager in the luxury of her own home.

The Friend of a Friend… of a Friend


Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Candle $13.99

Stuck in an awkward situation? The holidays are about spending time with loved ones– family and friends who you know better than anyone. But every once in awhile, we’ve found ourselves needing to buy someone’s significant other or friend of a friend of a friend a gift, and we don’t know them too well. Our go-to gift for anyone we don’t know too well is this Christmas Cookie Candle… the whole world’s favorite scent.

The Wino Who Doesn’t Need Anything


Vinebox starting at $25/month

If you have that friend who always says “I don’t need anything” when the holidays roll around, it’s time to give them something everyone needs… a wine of the month club! We love the offerings from Vinebox, where you can taste 3-6 wines from around the world each month. If you find a glass you love, Vinebox will recommend similar full bottles.

The Fashionista Who’s Way Ahead of the Trends


Selfie Ring Light, JANCHUN Rechargable Selfie LED Camera Light with 7 Light Colors and 3 Levels of Brightness $16.99

Shopping for a friend or relative that is way ahead of the trends can be tough. They’ll know about the newest fashion trend or makeup items before they’ve hit the shelves and by the time you start shopping for them, they own all the products you can think of. This holiday, give them a selfie light to show off all of their new products.

The One Size Fits All Gift


Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week

If none of these products are catching your eye, there’s one gift that works for everyone on your list. The Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week is the perfect present for friends, family, and anyone who’s difficult to shop for. The best part? No shipping required!

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