Situated on 26 acres of breathtaking landscapes, indoors and outdoors, Founders Inn & Spa is committed to making a green impression and increasing sustainability in both the mind and body. The resort’s Spa, specifically known as The Flowering Almond Spa, has a biophilic design, drawing upon natural light and elements, allowing spa guests to feel a connection to nature even while indoors.

The beautiful conservatory captures natural light from the 20 foot ceiling above and incomparable vistas of the Spa’s zen garden full of roses and Korean boxwoods. The lake, which can be viewed from the conservatory, is also home to plenty of Koi fish, waterfowl, a beautiful white swan, cared for by one of their very own Estheticians, Alexis Christoph, whom spends a lot of time relaxing her clients and supporting wildlife and the green movement.


The Spa Professionals have taken a stance in the spa’s green initiative by implementing controlled product usage, educating eco-conscious consumers about their Organic products and therapies, and recycling. All of these concepts are led by the Spa’s department leaders, Danielle Lambert, CMT, Maria Arnold, LME, Marti Mocha, NT, and Alexandria Grant, Supervisor.

The Spa also encourages sustainability by having energy efficient lights, bamboo flooring, organic refreshments, and by donating old magazines and reading material to our spa guests. Every little step can make a long term impact on our world and indigenous principles steer every choice they make in the spa, from their organic product selection to the organic teas they offer.

Spa Director and Green Spa Network Member, Mechelle Smith, has also taken steps in reducing environmental impacts with the help of The Flowering Almond Spa Professionals.

“By going green spas benefit in many ways,” Mechelle says, “we raise human consciousness, preserve valuable resources, and improve mental and physical wellness…there is true beauty in sustainability.”

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