We talked to the industry’s leading experts to find out the 5 things you need to know about facials.

Glycolic Or Not To Glycolic?


“Professional exfoliation, both physical (microdermabrasion) and chemical (enzymes, AHA or BHA acids), is a big component of a facial treatment. Clients with inflammatory acne, sensitive skin or skin prone to hyper-pigmentation need to know about the misconceptions of the commonly used glycolic acid. Due to its small molecular size, glycolic acid penetrates into the skin so quickly that it can unintentionally cause inflammation and irritation. Facials are more effective when professional exfoliation is used. Our master estheticians always use a blend of acids customized to each skin type to ensure the finest and most importantly the safest results,” — Kevin Oh, KUR Skin Lab.

Facial Fitness 

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“While facials are often thought of for pore cleansing and deep cleaning, a thorough facial may also include facial massage techniques such as Traditional Ayurveda massage that can stimulate blood flow, tone muscles, lift the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, which detoxifies and benefits all skin types,”—Kate Werbowski, Skin Spa.

Fountain of Youth

Spa Week Microcurrent facial

“Getting a Facial will prevent aging quickly and will postpone and prevent you from even thinking about going under the knife!!! Facials must be done correctly with updated technology devices,”— Vida Emanuel, Vida Emanuel European Day Spa.

Quench Your Skin

“Hydration is one of the most important things. If the skin is dehydrated the oil glands overcompensate to give the face moisture. This produces an uneven oil production and causes many people to try to dry out their faces. Dry faces lead to wrinkles and scarring from blemishes,” — Ronna Finley, RonnaSkin Day Spa.

Feel the Chill


“Most people don’t know that many medical spas can perform cryotherapy with most facials, and the benefits of regular treatment are wonderful! Cryotherapy is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial freezing procedure that immediately increases the rate of cell turnover and leaves skin feeling cool and tight. It also helps to remove oil, dirt, debris and exfoliates dead skin cells, which smooths the appearance of the skin,”– Matthew Addison, Synergy Spa & Aesthetics.

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