Does you winter skin need a pick me up? Turns out, aloe is the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your skincare routine year round– not just in the sweaty summer months. All products from Key West Aloe feature aloe as one of their main ingredients. Aloe helps your skin stay hydrated and you might even notice a new glow after using their products! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to use during the winter months. Bonus points: Key West Aloe is offering a special discount for our readers. Enter the code SpaWeek at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order.

Vanilla Eau de Toilette $35


This scent is a great option for anyone looking for a classic, daily perfume that works in every season. Vanilla is timeless– and almost everyone enjoys the scent. We love the subtlety of this perfume.

Key Lime Lotion $27


This lotion smells so good, you might find yourself reapplying even when you aren’t feeling dry. The key lime scent is energizing, so this is a great product to use when you just need that little boost during long winter days.

Sunsorb SPF50 Lotion $35


Sunscreen is such an important part of our skincare routine in the winter. In the summer, sunscreen is at the top of our minds– we know the damage the sun can do. But it can do that damage in the winter too, so it’s important to use a good sunscreen year-round, and Key West’s Sunsorb products are a great option.

Aloethera Intensive Body Moisturizer $23


If your skin is covered in dry patches and itchy, this is the moisturizer for you. The intensive formula will help add moisture to your skin and then lock it in throughout the day. We love applying this right before bed– it keeps our skin feeling moist and hydrated all day.

Key Lime Salt Scrub $30


I can’t stress how amazing this scent is. It’ll help you wake up and give you the energy you need to get through the day. This salt scrub left our skin feel soft, moisturized, and SO smooth. We definitely recommend using this product in the shower on days you need extra energy or are feeling especially dry.

Aloethera Intensive Hand Lotion $28


My biggest complaint all winter long is how dry my hands are. No matter what products I’ve tried, I find my hands needing lotion reapplied once every few hours. This product does the job for those of us suffering from extreme dry skin.

Let us know what products you choose in the comments! And don’t forget to enter the code SpaWeek at checkout for your discount!

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