With heart-shaped candies drowning the aisles of drugstores across the country, it’s hard not to acknowledge that the Hallmark holiday of the year is almost here. And while some of us eagerly await a day of over-the-top gestures and pre-fix dinner dates, the rest of us—society’s so-called “single ladies”—are forced to bemoan our boyfriend-less existence.

What’s that about?

Well, here at Spa Week, Valentine’s Day is more than just a celebration of the significant other. It’s a celebration of self-love. That’s why we’ve rounded up five fierce nail polish shades that put single females back into focus. So if you’re worried about putting a ring on it—don’t be. These powerful polishes will match your personality instead.


Nail Enamel in ‘Russian Roulette’ available at Essie.com

Unleash your inner rebel with this engine-red hue. Whether you’re gearing up for girl’s night or giving the ex a piece of your mind, this fiery shade is sure to get you seen and heard.


Diorific-Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in ‘Pandore’ available at Nordstrom.com

Bold, beautiful and chock-full of shock value, Diorific is the femme fatale of the nail polish world. Don this daring hue for a Thursday night on the town.


Glazen Nail Lacquer in ‘Brassy’ available at ButterLondon.com

With Butter London’s ‘Brassy’ on your nails, you’ll light up the town.

Milani Neon Nail Lacquer in ‘Pink Hottie’ available at Amazon.com

Nothing takes your nail game up a notch like a few coats of neon. This poppy, peptide shade boasts the perfect matte finish.


OPI Nail Lacquer in ‘Follow Your Bliss’ available at OPI.com

Get into a ’60s groove with OPI’s bubblegum hue. This preppy pink will inspire you to ‘follow your bliss.’

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