Olympians are serious fitness goals. Strength, power, grace– all keys to being an Olympic Champion. Getting in shape can be a struggle in the winter and we need some real motivation to convince us to leave our cozy bed for an intense workout. Lucky for us, the Winter Olympics are all the motivation that we need. We’ve rounded up our favorite fitness classes to help you live like an Olympian this winter!

Fit Skate


Dreamed of being an Olympic Ice Skater as a child? Same here. This Fit Skate class is best if you’ve skated before and are pretty comfortable on ice– it’s an intensive on-ice workout class. Skating is one of the few winter workouts that is meant to be outside and what could be better than getting in shape in Central Park? If you’re worried about your skills on the ice, sign up for a beginner class, or practice on the rink before joining this class.

Brooklyn Boulders


Rock-climbing builds strength in your core, your arms, your legs… you name it. Brooklyn Boulders offers classes for all levels, so whether you’ve never been on a wall before or you’re near-pro, you’ll find the right class for you.

Title Boxing Club


Boxing is an intense workout that will build muscle in your arms, legs, and core. It’s also one of our favorite sports to watch! Title Boxing Club offers classes in MMA, kickboxing, and boxing, so you can experiment and see what you like best. Their classes range from 30 minutes to 75 minutes–you can always find something that works for your schedule.

Go Row


Each class at Go Row incorporates rowing, cardio, and strength training to challenge you and give you the best workout possible. This low-impact routine is also one of the most intense– trust us, you’ll be sore the next day. Work on your skills at Go Row so that you can head out to the lake this summer!

Manhattan Fencing


Trying to be like Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap? Learn to fence at Manhattan Fencing with one of their beginner adult classes. They also offer classes for kids, mommy and mes, and classes for intermediate fencers. If you want some extra practice, sign up for a private lesson.

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