Here is everything that you need to know about which facials are safe for you to get during pregnancy and which ones you want to steer clear of.

facial while breastfeeding

As your spa & wellness experts, we get a ton of questions about the skin benefits of a facial. Today, we wanted to touch upon an important question we get from a lot of our expecting mothers. You see, pregnancy can come with its share of skin-related problems as your hormones are fluctuating and imbalanced. Most women suffer from unexpected acne, dry skin, oily skin and, worst of all, some women can suffer from brown patches aka “the mask of pregnancy“.

There is no shame in wanting a facial to get your skin back into shape while you’re expecting– but is it safe for your unborn bundle of joy?


“Yes you absolutely can!” – Anne Mason-Arnold, President of Cloudmover Day SpaHowever, because many facial treatments often use harsh chemicals, it’s important to be wary when choosing which facial is best for you.

Anne tells us, “due to hormonal fluctuations, please avoid extreme exfoliation and the following: chemical peels, glycolic peels, retina, and retinol. In addition, be informed of product ingredients in your home care regimen. Also, any skin detox processes such as body wraps and infrared sauna should also be avoided. Opt for a facial in the 1st trimester for relaxation and pampering.”

Instead of the abrasive treatments, you’re going to want to choose options that emphasize relaxation and stimulate blood flow. (Save the hydrafacial for after the delivery). Here, some fabulous pregnancy approved facial options:

  • Oxygen facial
  • Deep cleansing facial
  • Exfoliating facial


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