Eating healthy isn’t always the easiest task, and it can be especially hard to get your daily dose of fruit in the winter, when less fresh fruit is available at the store. Fruits have a ton of benefits though, and it’s super important to incorporate them into your daily diet during cold and flu season. Here are three of our favorite ways to get full servings of fruit in the winter.

1. Fruit-Infused Water


Accomplish two of your wellness goals in one fell swoop– drink more water and eat healthier! Infuse fruit into your water every day– it’ll make your water more enjoyable, which means you’ll probably drink more of it and stay hydrated all day! Plus, you’ll be getting that daily dose of fruit that we all need.


2. Fruity Desserts


An excuse to eat more dessert?! Yes please. Fruity desserts are a great option in the winter– lots of fruit-based recipes are healthier than that chocolate cake you’re craving but they’ll still give you that sugar rush you crave. We love this brown butter blueberry peach crisp from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Or, take a simpler route and dip some strawberries, clementines, and bananas in melted chocolate!


3. Add fruit to your regular breakfast


Most of us have a go-to weekday breakfast, whether it’s cereal, yogurt, oats, or something else that’s quick and easy. Cut up some of your favorite fruit the night before to add to your classic breakfast dish– either on the side or right in the bowl! Getting your fruit first thing in the morning will help boost your energy all day long.


No matter how you get your fruit, make sure you’re eating enough every day and trying new dishes with some of your favorite staples!

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