There’s always that one shade in every eyeshadow palette that we never use. Whether it’s the wrong shade for your complexion or just not your taste, there’s always one. Make Up For Ever is solving that problem with their Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palette and Artist Color Shadow Refills.


The palettes come in 5 different sizes, from Extra Small to Extra Large, and they’re affordable at just $2. This container is magnetic so you’ll be able to just slide your shadows right into the palette. I was amazed by how way the palette stayed together– even when it moved around in my makeup bag, they stayed in place.


The range of colors is impressive. 121 shades and 5 finishes (matte, metallic, diamond, satin, and iridescent). We sampled 6 shades to fill out the extra large palette:

  • Matte 650- Cookie: A soft, neutral beige
  • Matte 820- Dark Purple Pink: a bright magenta
  • Matte 500- Ivory: a solid off-white base
  • Metallic 612- Silver Brown: a deep, sparkly brown
  • Metallic 728- Copper Red: a bright, metallic copper
  • Diamond 826- Fig: a sparkling reddish purple

The variety of colors and shades make it almost impossible to pick a favorite (we’re obsessed with copper red and dark purple pink and fig… ) but the containers make it easy to build your customized perfect palette (or 10 customized palettes…)

Each shade is $17, but the value of having your own perfect palette is well worth it. We also recommend pairing with Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Eye & Lip Primer— a tough primer that will make your makeup last literally all day– their 12 hour guarantee doesn’t lie.

Start building your first perfect palette today… we promise, you’re going to want more than one!

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