Taking care of our heart-health is one of our biggest priorities at Spa Week. Every February and March, we host our favorite giveaway– Heart over Heels, where we give away a pair of Louboutins and donate to the American Heart Association for every entry we receive!

Nobody likes being stressed out. And while stress doesn’t directly impact your risk for heart disease, it can contribute to other factors of your health that affect your heart. Here’s what you need to know:



Stress releases adrenaline into your body, which raises your heart rate and your blood pressure. You know that pounding in your chest when you’re nervous and the shortness of breath you feel? That’s where it’s coming from. No biggie if it’s every once in a while– but constant stress leads to higher blood pressure and higher heart rate, which can be dangerous.


Weak Immune System

Chronic stress definitely takes a toll on your body, and it can lead to a weakened immune system. We’re already working hard to avoid the flu this year, so we definitely don’t want to add another risk factor to our immune system.


Stress Management

The most important thing we know about stress is how to manage it. Chronic, constant stress can be dangerous for lots of reasons, including your heart health. If you feel yourself getting anxious, try to practice some deep breathing or meditation techniques. If you notice stress becoming a daily part of your life, try to take up a new hobby: yoga, dance, swimming… even just making time for a long, hot shower at night. Make sure your find a way to unwind.


Stay healthy by following these tips and be sure to enter our #HeartOverHeels giveaway to help us stomp out heart disease!

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