Summertime is the perfect time to revamp your look. Our favorite way to start that revamp? A haircut. We all know the transformative powers of a good, bold cut– who hasn’t gotten one after a bad breakup? Here’s what’s trendy for this year’s locks.



Bangs are banging down the door this year and are officially the trendiest style of 2018. Curtain bangs are especially popular– bangs on either side of the forehead that leave you the flexibility to pin them out of your face if you’re not feeling it one day.




The ever-popular lob is out this year, and the bob is back in. We’re seeing a lot of blunt bobs this year with especially sharp edges– grab your flat iron for this trend.



Credit: Glowsly

Credit: Glowsly

Not ready for a major change? You can still stay on trend by mixing up your hair accessories. Hair bands, scrunchies, hair wraps, lace, ribbon, clips… they’re all in style in 2018. We’re especially loving hair wraps and scrunchies to play up your pony.


Silver Hair

Credit: Total Beauty

Credit: Total Beauty

Pastels were the thing is 2017, and now we’re loving the silver look. This bold look is embracing gray hair by transforming you into a silver fox. It’s the color of 2018.

Tight Curls


Loose curls have been trendy for as long as we can remember– beach waves, anyone? But this year, tight curls are making a comeback and we’re loving it. Perms are back, baby!

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  1. Manisha Kapoor

    I like the 1st look and 4th, 5th too. But for me best look is 1st one.


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