It’s been a long winter– and we still have a few weeks to go before spring officially begin (March 20… not that we’re marking our calendars.) We know that winter means weakened immune systems, seasonal affective disorder, dry skin, and painful joints… so we’ve come up with the best spa solutions for all your common winter problems!


Problem: Weakened Immune System

Solution: Vitamin C Treatments


We recommend canceling your spa appointment if you’re feeling under the weather. With this bad flu season, we want to do everything we can do avoid spreading the infection. But, if you’re healthy and concerned about getting sick, a trip to the spa can help! We love the Vitamin C Resorting Facial at Ettia Holistic Day Spa in New York, and you can find Vitamin C treatments at lots of spas across the country! Search our directory for your area.


Problem: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Solution: Salt Therapy & Light Therapy


Seasonal Affective Disorder affects more than 3 million people in the United States alone, so this problem is pretty common. There are several ways to treat S.A.D, but two of the best and most common methods are light therapy and salt therapy, both of which you can get at many spas!


Problem: Dry Skin

Solution: Hydrating Facial


Dry skin might just be the most common winter problem and we know what a struggle it can be to have red, itchy skin all winter long. Hydrating facials and body treatments can do wonders for your skin. They’ll replenish all that moisture you’ve been missing during the winter months. We’re obsessed with Sothys’ Intensive Hydrating Facial.  


Problem: Painful Joints

Solution: Massage


Lots of people who suffer from arthritis say that their joint pain is at its worst in the winter. The best solution to this pain? A massage! Your massage therapist will talk to you before and during the treatment, so you’ll be able to focus on specific areas and tell them what is hurting you most. Massages can be a lifesaver if you’re dealing with any kind of pain.


No matter what ails you this winter, a trip to the spa can only help! Plus, we’ve only got a few weeks left until spring!

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