Stop for a moment. Take a deep breathe. Relax.

Didn’t that feel nice? Life moves quickly and sometimes it can be hard to find a moment to pause. We’ve teamed up with Lather to help you find those moments in your day to day life. We’re giving away two Mindful Moments Meditation Kits so that you can find your inner peace anywhere.

Relaxation and mindfulness is one of the most important part of wellness. Stress can affect everything from mental wellbeing and sleep to your diet and your heart health. Finding a few minutes everyday to unwind can help you stay healthy.


With Lather’s Mindful Moments Meditation Kit, they’re bringing your inner peace to you. The kit includes inner peace meditation balm, a frankincense and sandalwood candle, a beaded wrap bracelet, and 3 months of a premium membership to Stop, Breathe & Think. Each item helps you to meditate and unwind wherever you are.

The calming scent of the candle and meditation balm help you find a sense of calm as you begin your meditation. The bracelet is a stylish reminder to find those moments that your body needs. And the app will help you find peace wherever, whenever.


When you first open the app, it will ask you how you are and remind you to check in with yourself. Once you’ve taken some time to relax and evaluate your mind and body, the app will ask you how you feel physically and mentally and then ask you to identify 5 main emotions that you’re feeling.


From there, it will recommend different meditation exercises that might work for you. The recommendations vary in length, so you can find something for you no matter how much time you have (1 minute or 10!) Most of the meditations have recorded audio clips to help you relax and guide you through the meditation.

These guided meditations are a great way to find brief moments of peace and relaxation throughout your day, no matter how long you have! Want a chance to win a Mindful Moments Meditation Kit? Enter our giveaway now and share with your friends for more entries! Good luck!

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