We all know the struggles that come with painting our nails at home. We make mistakes, the design never looks like it does on Pinterest, and when we finally get it right, we smudge them before they dry. Manicures are great, but it can be hard to find time and money to have our nails done regularly. That’s where Perfect 10 Custom Nails comes in.

Perfect 10 Custom Nails creates custom nail designs that can be reused time and time again. You’ll receive adhesive tabs that help attach the nail designs to your nails for short-term glam! You can reuse these nails whenever you want for your perfect look. If you choose to apply your nails with nail glue, they will last up to three weeks.

The designs are glamorous and unique– giving you that drop-dead, head-turning look you’re waiting for. Three lucky winners will receive sets from Perfect 10 Custom Nails, our spring nails sponsor! They’re here to help you achieve your dream look without any of the time, stress, and money that you’ve put into your nails in the past. Get ready for glam and enter our giveaway now!

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