This year, we’re noticing an unexpected ingredient popping up in spas across the country: CBD oil. CBD is short for cannabinoid, a chemical compound derived from cannabis. While these treatments won’t get you high like weed, CBD can reduce inflammation, pain, and symptoms of anxiety. It also can help prevent acne and signs of aging and it’s quickly becoming one of the best acne treatments at many spas! With so many benefits, our spas are starting to take advantage of the ingredient!


Cannabis and Lavender Hot Stone Massage at Cinema Wellness

This massage is a great introduction to the benefits of CBD– the blend of CBD oil and aromatherapy oil brings deep relaxation to an already calming massage. The treatment at Cinema Wellness features a full-body massage using hot stones to calm and ease sore muscles. The relaxing lavender scent will lull you into a peaceful respite while your massage therapist gets to work. CBD oil adds an extra element of calm and relaxation.

Cannabis Facial at Harlem Skin Clinic

Cannabis Sativa, the plant that produces CBD oil and marijuana, has medicinal powers that scientists and spa owners are just beginning to understand. CBD is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that will give your skin a beautiful glow while calming any problem areas. The treatment at Harlem Skin Clinic is perfect for sensitive skin, acne, and rosacea. The aesthetician will apply a green tea cleanser, shungite water mist, and Manuka Honey masque during the treatment to help you relax, cleanse, and rejuvenate. The CBD oil is used for the facial massage and your treatment will finish with a calming and restorative hemp-derived CBD Facial Serum.

Cannabinoid Aromatherapy Massage with Exotic Scalp Treatment at Sonoran Serenity Spa Arizona

This 75 minute service will lull you into a deep relaxation and sense of calm. CBD oil is used as part of the aromatherapy massage oil blend, which your massage therapist will use during a full-body Swedish massage, designed to ease your muscles and relax your body. The highlight of this massage is the unique scalp massage– Sonoran Serenity Spa uses a fusion of non-greasy exotic oils to help your entire body relax– from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!
We’re already starting to see CBD oil being used at a lot of our favorite spas and we expect this trend to grow and grow, as more spas, scientists, and spa goers learn about the many benefits of this ingredient! For now, book your $50 spa week service for April 16-22 at one of the spas above and experience the benefits of CBD oil for yourself! Visit to book now!

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