When Spa Week rolls around from April 16-22, we’re so excited about the $50 services our spas across the country are offering. It’s hard to imagine a better deal that luxury spa treatments at the highly-discounted $50 rate that you get them at during Spa Week! We’re giving you something else to daydream about: winning a $1000 Spa and Wellness gift card. Our gift cards are accepted at over 9,000 locations nationwide!

Just imagine how many massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, and more… that this card can add up to! One lucky winner will be able to treat themselves to relaxing and rejuvenating spa services all year long.

5 more winners will win $100 Spa and Wellness gift cards. You can use these cards towards any treatment all year, whenever you need a pick me up!

Go ahead, start picturing how you’d use your $1000 Spa and Wellness gift card. Just make sure you enter here and refer 5 friends for a chance to win the grand prize! Good luck!

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