Spring has sprung and we could not be more ready– or excited. Warmer weather, cuter outfits, and floral scents everywhere we turn… spring also brings one of our favorite events of the year: Spring Spa Week. Coming up this April 16-22, spas across the country will be offering select services for only $50. We’ve rounded up our top 10 spa treatments that are featuring spring ingredients for this Spa Week event… be sure to book now at spaweek.com!


  1. 12 Flower Facial at GlowinSkin Esthetics – Sea Cliff, New York


The 12 Flower Facial at GlowInSkin is taking in the spirit of spring! This ultra-hydrating facial uses floral acids for moisturizing and brightening benefits. The 75-minute floral treat will leave your skin radiant and glowing.

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       2. Tribeca Signature Facial at Tribeca Beauty Spa – New York, New York


Tribeca Beauty Spa’s signature facial is the perfect treatment year-round, but we especially love it for spring when rosehip, sacha inchi, and moringa oil can really work their magic. These ingredients combine to refresh and cleanse your skin, leaving you with a flawless complexion that will last for months.

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       3. Coconut Lime Treatments at Catamaran Resort & Spa – San Diego, California


The Catamaran Resort & Spa is getting you ready for their favorite seasons– spring and summer– with coconut and lime ingredients appearing in all of their spa week specials! Whether you choose the 50-minute coconut lime blossom sugar scrub, the coconut lime peptide wrap, or the 45-minute coconut lime blossom pedicure, these invigorating ingredients will leave your body feeling refreshed and renewed.

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       4. Treatments at Spa Botanica at Embassy Suites – Concord, North Carolina


Spa Botanica in North Carolina is bringing out some of our all-time favorite ingredients for their spring specials! The Peach Tea Nectar Massage, Banana & Turmeric Facial, and the Apricot Blossom Body Glow Treatment are all embracing the spirit of spring. These delicious scents will fuel you with energy and comfort.

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       5. Papaya Enzyme Renewing Facial at Spa 66 at Hyatt Regency Pier 66 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The Papaya Enzyme Renewing Facial at Spa 66 works 2 ways: using papaya to invigorate your senses and using the enzyme peel to peel away dry, winter skin and make room for new, glowing summer skin. This 50-minute treatment is all you need to get ready to lounge in the sun all spring and summer long!

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       6. Blueberry Detox Facial at Blue Salon and Spa – Stony Brook, New York


Blueberries in the summer are our favorite… whether they’re juicy and fresh, baked into a pie, or doing wonders for our skin, we love this ingredient. At Blue Salon and Spa, you can get your blueberry fix while detoxing from the long winter.

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       7. Treatments at LQ Body & Skin Care Studio – Catonsville, Maryland


LQ Body & Skin Care Studio is offering two epic treatments for Spring Spa Week that will get you ready for the new season! The Glow-Up Anti-Aging Treatment features a lip + face treatment to smooth away signs of aging, and a sangria swirl mix that will delight your senses. The Summer Ready Back Facial is the perfect way to get ready for bikini season– it’ll give your back flawless, glowing skin!

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       8. Firm Skin Acai Facial Cleanse at Organic Elements Spa of New York – New York, New York


Ready to refresh, revive, and renew from a long winter? The 60-minute Eminence Firm Skin Acai Facial will treat, tighten, and cleanse your skin. Acai berries provide a treat for your nose, while active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Seabuckthorn gently hydrate and cleanse your skin.

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       9. Detox Massage + Body Brush at Flowering Almond Spa at the Founders Inn – Virginia Beach, Virginia


Detox and invigorate your skin with the Indonesian Ginger Skin Refining Body Scrub & Mask at Founders the Flowering Almond Spa in Virginia Beach. This treatment will smooth away flaky skin from the winter and leave you with new, glowing skin to show off all summer long!

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       10. Antioxidant Berryfina Facial at Oasys Day Spa – Wood Ridge, New Jersey


Need to brighten up before summer hits? Look no further than the Antioxidant Berryfina Facial at Oasys Day Spa in New Jersey. The antioxidant berry ingredients work to reveal a brighter looking complexion– say goodbye to dull, tired skin!

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