Goat yoga is officially coming to NYC (buy your tickets here!) and we could not be more excited about this trend. If you’re not familiar with the concept, goat yoga is basically a standard yoga class with adorable goats walking around. In addition to just being fun and cute, having these animals around enhances those positive yoga vibes you’ll already be feeling. In honor of goat yoga, here are our top 5 unique yoga classes:

Goat Yoga



Yep, this class with these furry friends tops our list! Goats are animated, curious, and gentle animals who love to interact with humans, making them the perfect yoga companion. Classes are 45 minutes, cost $40, and are perfect for beginners– just make sure you bring a water bottle and a yoga mat!


Cat Yoga



At New York City’s only cat cafe, you can indulge in yoga with adorable cats wandering around you. The class consists of 30 minutes of playing with cats, 45 minutes of yoga, and 15 minutes of cooling down time with the kitties! This fun experience only costs $20-$22!


Naked Yoga



Maybe the strangest option on this list, Naked in Motion offers naked yoga and pilates classes in New York and Boston. The founder started her yoga studio as a way to encourage people to have a better relationship with their bodies. Naked in Motion is inclusive and body positive– all are welcome!


Hula Hoop Yoga



Looking for a way to have fun and boost your workout while doing yoga? Hula hoop yoga is perfect for you. This practice tones your core, encourages weight loss and heart health, improves posture, increases positive thoughts, and reduces stress. This fitness class combines traditional yoga poses and mindfulness with hula hooping.


Aerial Yoga



Alright, so aerial yoga is becoming less unique and more popular day by day, but it’s still a fun way to get fit! These classes combine classical yoga postures with aerial acrobatics– and they make for the best photos. Om Factory in New York offers classes for all different levels, so start your aerial yoga journey today.

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