We’ve all been there. You’ve been eating healthy food, getting plenty of fruits and veggies, and sticking to a great workout routine. You hop on the scale, excited to see how much you lost this week– and bam. Nothing. Your weight is exactly the same. Or, even worse, you’ve actually gained weight! How is this possible?! We know it may seem like the end of the world to see the number on the scale go up when you’re working so hard– but this can actually be a good thing.


We know it’s hard to believe, but maintaining or gaining weight while practicing a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise usually means you’re getting leaner, gaining muscle, and losing fat–so even though the number on the scale is the same, the body is what’s changing– and that’s what matters!


If you’re overweight, making a goal to shed some extra pounds is great–but getting a healthy body is even better. If the number on the scale hasn’t changed, focus on your other victories– do your pants fit differently? Do you have more energy during the day? Are you craving less junk food and more healthy snacks? How many times did you go to the gym this week?


Experts recommend setting goals that focus on your overall health– not just the number on the scale or the inches on the measuring tape. Focusing on other aspects of your health make it easier to be healthy– then, if you lose weight, it’s just a positive bonus!
So, if you’re noticing that your scale isn’t moving but you’re feeling great– don’t worry! This happens to everyone and it’s a good thing! Stick to your plan and keep eating healthy– you’re doing great!

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