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Ready to be impressed? Well say hello to 30 young stars of the spa and beauty industry and hear the top beauty secrets their obsessed with right now!





Medical Aesthetician at BodyLase Skin Spa, Kelly Smith says, “I always tell my patients to think about prevention in the AM and correction in the PM. Protect your skin from free radical damage with Vitamin C and from UV light with SPF. At night, use Vitamin A to exfoliate dead skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles and fade pigmentation. Your skin will be its healthiest with high quality skincare products and consistent treatments with your skincare specialist.”



page-2-image-3Master Stylist and Makeup Artist, Shelby Shinault says, “One of my favorite beauty secrets is applying dry shampoo before bed. It helps absorb oil through the night for beautiful hair the next day!” @shell_be_




page-2-image-4Travel Blogger and Beauty Enthusiast, Kamerin Chambers says, “My favorite beauty secret is rinsing my face with ice cold water after a daily and nightly wash. Cold water closes pores and helps with skin elasticity, it’s also very refreshing and gives me a similar jolt like an espresso shot!” @hey_kam @wheresshegoing




page-3-image-5Wax Technician at Waxing The City, Esthetician, and Nail Pro, Courtney Nared says, “Always exfoliate before any waxing service if you’re prone to ingrown hairs. This is a total life saver! And the best way to exfoliate is with a dry brush! It will definitely help you maintain smooth skin after waxing!” @cmoneyhunnie




page-3-image-6 Hairstylist at HAIR 360, Lauren Williams says, “My favorite thing to share with my clients is to rinse conditioner with cool water! This will lock in moisture and improve natural shine!”




page-3-image-7Hairstylist, Nail Artist, and Skincare Enthusiast, Taylor Meyers says, “Stay hydrated and exfoliate weekly it will keep skin soft and glowing!”






Massage Therapist, Kaila Tolleson says, “My secret to living a stress free life is maintaining an active lifestyle that includes stretching and massages. As an athlete, it is so important for me to stretch after workouts and twice a month rejuvenate my muscles with both Swedish and Deep Tissue massages!”





Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist, Micheala Redmond says, “My favorite product right now is the Bahi Cosmetics Sunflower Sweets Serum! I use it after cleansing and toning my face. It’s perfect for all skin types and gives me a nice balanced glow!” You must try it!




page-4-image-10Stylist and Makeup Artist, Wenah Malenda says, “For a dramatic eye, use a creamy black eye pencil to rim your eyes and finish off with some mascara!” It’s simple yet beautiful. @_hvnew





page-5-image-11Cosmologist and Nail Technician at The Flowering Almond Spa, Destiny Rich says, “Maintain your cuticles! Cuticles are very delicate, push and trim them gently and apply your choice of oil, like coconut or almond oil. Also, nail strengthening treatments are essential to having healthy strong nails too!!” @destiny2badd




page-6-image-12Esthetician at The Flowering Almond Spa, Alexis Steele says, “Water drinking is literally my best kept secret! Many people don’t realize how much staying hydrated makes a beautiful difference in skin!” @lex_christoph




page-6-image-13Personal Trainer at the YMCA, Tianna Arnold speaks on getting in shape and says, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great! When you feel like stopping think about why you started!”





page-7-image-14Makeup Artist and Beauty Advisor, Kiera McDaniel says, “Two of my favorite things to do for a great makeup application is to apply loose powder before I apply foundation to keep my skin from getting oily throughout the day. And I also love to spray a setting spray before I apply my highlight so it can be really intense!” @kieranariese for bookings


page-7-image-15Esthetician, Eyelash Specialist, and Massage Therapist, Brooke Martin says, “I use a facial oil serum before my moisturizer every day and I can not live without it!! My skin stays perfectly balanced!” @lashlovebylogan




page-8-image-16Nail Technician at TH Nails, Marah Alegre says, “Thinking positively is my all time favorite beauty secret!” @marahjanee





page-8-image-17Lead Massage Therapist at The Flowering Almond Spa, Danielle Lambert says, “I love taking a 30 minute epsom salt bath and listening to my favorite relaxing music as well as stretching and drinking plenty of water!”




page-9-image-18Personal Trainer, Jay Smith speaks about getting in shape and says, “The most important days are the ones where you don’t feel like doing it…get up and do it anyway!” @lmzlife for sessions and apparel




page-9-image-19Spa Supervisor & Beauty Advisor, Alexandria Grant says, “I love apple cider vinegar and avocado on my skin! They both work wonders especially when I’m having breakouts!” @xo.alexandria.ashleigh




page-10-image-20Esthetician and Aromatherapy Expert, Alison Ramsdell says, “Beauty starts on the inside, many don’t understand that what we eat impacts our skin health greatly, so we should always eat healthy foods for clear skin!” @alisonramsdell




page-10-image-21Massage Therapist, Tyler Underwood speaks on living stress free and says, “No matter how chaotic things get, respond like everything is ok.”





page-11-image-22Spa and Beauty Coordinator, Erin Gdovin says, “I always drink a cup of hot water with lemon! There are so many beauty benefits and it’s detoxifying!”





page-11-image-23Freelance Makeup Artist, Karlie Coverdale says, “For eye shadow I prime the whole lid apply my crease color and then put primer on again so my lid color really pops! And as much as I love wearing makeup, I have a skin ritual that I stick to as well. I am obsessed with rose water and literally cannot wait to put it on. I do it once in the morning and in the evening I spray rose water before using my moisturizer. I love how refreshed my skin looks after using rose water. Another skin routine that I do on the weekends and am obsessed with might sound pretty gross! I mix fresh egg whites and honey, then let it sit for about 20 minutes. So basic but SO worth it! It makes my pores smaller and brightens my face.” @eye_karli for bookings


page-12-image-24Massage Therapist, Erica Little says, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Make yourself a priority – mind, body, and soul in order to present your best self to the world!”





page-12-image-25Esthetician, Wax Technician, and Makeup Artist, Roxanne Naut says, “Everytime I fly my go to beauty product is my MAC Prep and Prime Fix +! It keeps my face/makeup smooth and fresh!”




page-13-image-26Nutrition Expert, Matthew Smith says, “I enjoy healthy organic foods for a longer healthier life, eating healthy makes such a difference.” @langstonsorganicclub





page-13-image-27Beauty Enthusiast and Freelance Makeup Artist, Emma Blow says, “Many people are scared to use oils on their skin, but oils are so good for you and argan oil happens to be my favorite, it keeps my skin perfectly balanced and glowing!” @emsdelightful




page-14-image-28Health and Wellness Enthusiast, Noah Walker says, “create good habits!” Plain and simple! @only.noahh





page-14-image-29Nail Technician and Natural Nail Specialist, Ebony Taylor says, “always use cuticle oil and exfoliate regularly for healthy nails and cuticles!” @nailsbytaylore for bookings





page-15-image-30Beauty Enthusiast and Freelance Makeup Artist, Bionca Kaufman says, “Brows are so important! I always outline them first with concealer to make it easier to create the perfect shape!” @xxbeexx





page-15-image-31Nail Technician and Wellness Enthusiast, Jamie Fox says, “Less is more and simple is beautiful. That’s my all time favorite beauty secret! Somedays all I need is mascara and an emollient lip balm!” @beautician_not_magician




And that’s 30! We recognize these bright entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries for their passion for spa, health, and beauty and for making the world such a beautiful place on person a time!

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