Spring is finally here and it’s bringing chirping birds, warmer temperatures, sunny days, and plenty of flowers and plants bursting into life. Why not bring some of that life into your home? Having indoor plants throughout your apartment, house, office… wherever, can help transform your environment. Here are our top 5 reasons to start decorating your space with some plants:


They purify air.


The number one reason to add a few house plants to your space? They clean for you. Yes, seriously. Plants are able to remove toxic chemicals from the air and they raise the moisture in the air– lowering your chance at developing a dry cough and improving your breathing.


They can help reduce stress.


Studies have shown that plants can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. They calming presence of a house-plant combined with cleaner air makes it easier to relax and ease tension and stress.


They’re pretty — and can improve your mood!


Looks aren’t everything… but they can’t hurt! Beautiful flowers, bright green leaves, colorful leaves… plants can be gorgeous and their beauty can help improve your mood. Plus, plants make guests feel more comfortable and welcome in your home– they’re the perfect decoration!


They can help you sleep better.


Because many house-plants have great benefits like reducing heart rate and making it easier to breathe, they can also make it easier to sleep. Some plants like lavender and jasmine have subtle scents that will help lull you to sleep!


They can help you make healthy choices in all aspects of your life.


There are tons of plants that can live inside and give you great produce! Tomatoes, avocados, oranges, and lemons are just some of the plants you can grow at your window. Fresh fruit and veggies? Yes please!


So go ahead– go make a list, buy some plants, and spread them throughout your home and office! You deserve it.

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