Moms are the some of the least selfish people out there. They spend all their time taking care of their kids and doing what they need to for their families. We’re so thankful for our moms this Mother’s Day and we want them to take care of themselves the way that they’ve taken care of us for our whole lives. So, if you’re a mom, thank you for all you do. Now, go take some time for yourself.


Take a spa day


Pick a day on the calendar. Schedule a babysitter. Call your local spa and book an appointment. Now, breathe. We know that moms rarely get the day off, but we want to make sure you take a day when you need it! A few hours away from your home and family can do anyone a lot of good. Plus, spaing is the perfect way to unwind and destress.


Make sure you spend 10 minutes alone every day


This may seem like an impossible ask, but it’s really not. Whether you find those ten minutes right before you go to sleep, right when you wake up, when you’re taking a shower, or some time in between… make sure you find them– especially if you’re a full-time parent. That alone time is what keeps you sane!


Try to make sleep a priority


This one might be impossible for moms with little ones at home, but try to prioritize sleep as much as you can. That means sleeping when your kids are sleeping, even if you don’t feel like you can. A few extra hours of rest can do wonders for your mental and physical health– trust us, you need the sleep!


Exercise a few times a week


Did your fitness goals disappear when you added on to your family? You’re not alone. Getting to the gym every day for a full 45 minutes is unrealistic for a lot of moms, but exercising a few times a week. Whether that means going on a walk around the block or bringing your kids to a Mommy and Me class, finding that exercise time will make you feel healthier.


Focus on healthy food (for you + your family!)


This self-care tip is good for you and your kids. Try to incorporate as many fruits and veggies into your diet as possible and focus on eating a little bit healthier every day. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge– treating yourself is a good thing— just try to make your meals balanced and healthy. Busy moms: meal prep is a great way to have healthy meals all week long. Read some of our tips here.

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