There’s a skincare brand that’s been taking over our Instagram feeds and, maybe, the world…



Deciem has taken the beauty world by storm with their launch of skincare brands that are both affordable and effective. The Ordinary, Deciem’s most popular line of serums and oils, has made their claim to fame with affordable products, simple formulas, and active ingredients. Their sister brand, Hylamide, is helping you get to the root of your skin concerns by addressing every layer of your skin with clean, active ingredients. We tested out some of Deciem’s bestsellers– here’s what became a part of our daily routine.


Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner $21

This cleanser has both oil-based and water-based ingredients, creating a dynamic cleanser that is both effective and easy to use. It can be used as a makeup remover (on dry skin) or a cleanser (on wet skin– if you’re not wearing makeup), but we prefer it as a makeup remover. The best part about this cleanser? There’s no scrubbing necessary– it washes off easily with water.


Hylamide Hydra-Density Mist $18

The only problem with this product is the scent– it’s not the greatest. But getting past the smell is worth it with a product as effective and soothing as this one. It’s the perfect light hydrator and a great option to use as a toner if you have especially dry skin.  It’s light and refreshing while being deeply effective– you’ll notice a fresher, more moisturized face immediately!


The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane $7.90

This holy grail beauty product is the hydrator you need and deserve in your skincare routine. Most oils take a long time to absorb and leave your skin feeling greasy– not this one! The formula absorbs quickly and is the perfect way to add a layer of moisture to your skin. Your skin will be more hydrated, brighter, and radiant after using this product for a few days! It’s a must for all skin types, especially for anyone with dry areas.


Hylamide Booster C25 $27

If there’s one thing 2018 has taught us, it’s the importance of Vitamin C in skincare. This main ingredient targets dullness, uneven tone, fine lines, and more– and believe us when we say this will make your skin glow. This is one of the most potent forms of Vitamin C available but it’s still gentle enough for sensitive skin.


What are your favorite products from The Ordinary and Hylamide? Let us know in the comments below!

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