Summer is coming and with it, it’s bringing sunshine and perfect weather to workout outside! If you’re sick of the typical walk, jog, or bike ride, here are a five ways to get your workout in and enjoy the weather!


Stand-Up Paddleboard


If you’ve never been on a paddleboard before, you’re going to want to try this workout immediately. Standing on a paddleboard in the water will help you balance while toning your abs, legs, and arms. Added bonus: it’s an excuse to spend a whole day at the beach!


Jump Rope


You may not have used this workout accessory since elementary school, but jumping rope is a fun way to get your cardio in outdoors. Try mixing up your routine by jumping side to side or changing feet throughout workout. You’ll find yourself burning tons of calories– and you’ll have fun!


Play Ball


Grab a basketball or soccer ball and just get moving! Playing outside will bring back some of that childhood energy we’re all lacking, and it’s another fun way to get into shape. Spend an hour outside kicking a ball around and shooting hoops– you’ll be amazed at how much energy you have!


Sailing or Rowing


We all know rowing can be one of the ultimate strength-building workouts– abs, arms, legs… they’ll all be toned (and sore) by the end of a session. Find a local river or lake and get rowing– you’ll build muscle and tone while enjoying the sunshine and the water.


Create Your Own!


There are tons of ways to workout outside, and most cardio or strength-building routines can be adjusted for the great outdoors with a few pieces of equipment. Pick your favorite way to get moving and bring it outside– you deserve some sunshine!

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