National Wine Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?! We’ve teamed up with Callia Wines and Carillon Miami to give you the ultimate spa giveaway. Enter here!

While you’re waiting to see if you win the perfect wellness giveaway, here are three wine and food pairings to help you indulge on National Wine Day. Trust us, you deserve it!


Callia Alta Malbec

Pair with: barbecue, Mexican food, pork, or duck

Malbec is a great choice for meat-lovers– it pairs perfectly with barbecue dishes, spicy Mexican food, or roasted pork and duck. This is the perfect combination for an International Wine Day dinner!


Callia Alta Shiraz

Pair with: Lamb, pasta, meatballs, steak, and grilled vegetables.

This bold Shiraz is the perfect pair for a hearty Italian meal, ideal for spaghetti and meatballs or veal chops. Steak and grilled vegetables also pair well with this velvety wine.


Callia Alta Torrontes

Pair with: Sushi, pork chop, white pizza, and Asian cuisine.

Callia’s refreshing white wine is the perfect addition to sushi or other light dishes. The citrus and floral notes make it the perfect summer wine– buy a bottle for International Wine Day and it’ll become your wine of the summer!


No matter which wine you choose this National Wine Day, remember that everything in moderation is okay, and many studies have shown that wine has many health benefits– so go ahead and pour yourself a glass!

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