This summer, we’re focusing on staying healthy and active– even when it gets really sweaty. If you’re committed to your #fitnessgoals this summer, make sure you stay hydrated during all of your workouts– and all day!


Wear light-colored and breathable clothes


The summer is not the time to go for a run in your newest sweatshirt or embrace the all-black look. Dark colors absorb more heat from the sun, so opt for white or lighter colors– and look for clothes that are “sweat-proof” and have light fabrics, like cotton, rayon, linen to give you some breathing room. Here are some of our favorite summer workout clothes.


Eat your fruits and veggies.


A good tip year-round, but eating fruit and vegetables is a great way to stay hydrated this summer. They’re full of water– the key to keeping you hydrated. Our bodies are about 60% water, so we all need to make sure we’re getting water from our meals too. Plus, lots of fruits (like berries, apricots, peaches, and plums) are in-season in the summer months– so refresh yourself with a juicy orange or some fresh berries.


Stay out of the midday heat– workout in the early morning or late at night.


It may feel hot all day and all night in the summer, but there are definitely times that are better than others. Stay out of the heat from 10am to 2pm, when the sun is the strongest and the temperature tends to be the highest. Plan your workout for the early morning, late afternoon, or early evening. When the sun has set (or hasn’t risen yet), you’ll feel cooler and be able to enjoy yourself more– trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.


Drink PLENTY of water.


Ok, we know, this one is a little obvious, but it’s definitely the most important way for you to stay hydrated this summer. Like we said, water is 60% of our bodies and that means we need to drink plenty of it all year. It’s especially important in the summer because when you’re sweating, you’re just losing more of that water that your body needs. Try infusing your water with fruits or cucumbers to make it a little more exciting– and carry your water bottle with you everywhere.


How do you like to stay hydrated over the summer? Let us know your tips in the comments!

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