We know that crafting your perfect skincare and beauty routine can be tough. Once you find your personal holy-grail products, you never want to let them go. But don’t be afraid to adjust and update your skincare routine as the season changes– your skin will thank you for it. This summer, we’re focusing on using lighter, simpler products that leave our skin feeling cool and hydrated, but not oily. Here are our favorite tips:


Add more protection.


SPF is a way of life in the summer. Make sure there’s some SPF is the products you use regularly– whether it’s in your moisturizer, your makeup, or a separate sunscreen that you apply– protection from the sun is key. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day– sunscreen keeps your skin looking young and healthy.


Use lighter, breathable formulas.


BB Cream, not foundation. Cream, not powder. These easy switches can prevent sweaty, overheated faces all summer long. BB Cream or tinted moisturizers are the best coverage options for the summer, so stick with the lighter stuff.


Use bright, seasonal colors.


Hot pinks, neon blues, and bright shades are back in! Don’t shy away from the bolder colors, embrace them. Summer is the one time of year that we love neons so celebrate the season with bright lipsticks and unique shadows.


Use cooling sprays to set & refresh.


Sprays are the best in the summer. We love Mario Badescu’s options and any brand that offers soothing, cooling aloe– our favorite summer ingredient. Use a setting spray as the last step in your morning routine to keep makeup in place all day long. Refresh with a spritz of your favorite scent throughout the day.


Exfoliate at night and say goodbye to clogged pores.


You never want to overdo exfoliation– peeling can hurt your skin, and most estheticians say one of the most common problems they see in clients is over-exfoliation. Once a week should do it– twice if your skin is oily and not super sensitive– but exfoliating is important in the summer. Unclog your pores. 

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