The K-Beauty Trend has been everywhere over the past few years. Truth be told, there are SO many K-Beauty options, we don’t always know where to begin. One of our favorite K-Beauty options? Masks! K-Beauty invented the sheet mask trend in the industry, and with so many different kinds of K-Beauty masks we’ve decided to round up our favorites. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging, hydration, or an easy-to-apply sheet mask, we’ve got a great option for you.


Best Lip Pack: Very Berry Lip Pack from Touch in Sol $5


Lip masks are #trending and we’re loving it. We spend so much time focusing on hydrating, cleansing, and treating our skin… there’s no reason we shouldn’t spend the same amount of time on our lips! This face mask smells delicious, which is definitely important when you’re using it on your lips. It’s also super effective and hydrating– it left our lips feeling soft and moisturized!


Best Mask for Shrinking Pores: Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mousse Mask with Super Volcanic Cluster $19


Innisfree touts this as one of their “best sellers” and it’s clear why. This clay mask has a whipped texture, so it feels light on the skin when applied while being seriously effective at drying out impurities and anything that you think might be “brewing” under the surface. The grainy texture also allowed for exfoliation while rinsing off the mask– perfect for a dual-purpose mask!


Best Peel-Off Mask: First Aid Transforming Peel-Off Mask from Belif $34


This peel-off mask is incredibly easy to use while also being effective. The product applies like a moisturizer– very light weight and clear, and as it starts to try, it turns into a gel. Once you wet your face with water, the mask peels off easily– leaving refreshed, hydrated skin.


Best Sheet Masks for Every Problem: My Daily Story packs from Touch in Sol


These sheet masks target hydrating, anti-aging, and large pores– so you’ll have an option for any problem! The masks are easy to apply and lightly-scented– nothing that will feel too strong or leave your skin irritated. We love sheet masks because they’re easy to apply and take off– you don’t even how to rinse your face after a Daily Story Pack, just massage the excess product into your skin!


Best Mask for Smoothing & Anti-Aging: Peat Miracle Revital Clay from Belif $40


Clay masks are one of our favorite tried-and-true methods of giving our skin a much-needed boost. This clay mask uses peat to gently tighten pores, making your skin look younger and smoother. Lots of clay masks can leave us feeling dry and dehydrated, so we love how gentle and non-drying this formula is.


Best Sleeping Mask: Innisfree Hydrating Sleeping Mask with Green Tea $19


Green tea as a skin care super power is nothing new these days, but we were still surprised at just how effective this sleeping mask was. Our skin was a bit parched coming off our eternal winter, so we did as instructed and added this step to our night-time skin routine. It has a bit of a gelatin-like texture (which was definitely unique) but layers nicely. When we woke up, our skin was “just left the spa” hydrated like we layered 10 different serums, moisturizers, and sheet masks. So if it’s moisture you’re after, this is a winning ticket!


Best Hydrator: Starskin Pro Micro-Filler Mask Pack $35


Skin need a major hydration pick me up? All spa-goers know that hyaluronic acid is the secret to hydrated, young looking skin– but it can be hard to find an effective at-home option with this beauty powerhouse. This 2 step treatment uses a micro-pyramid filler over the skin following by a mask to create a rejuvenating cocktail of hyaluronic acid and bio-cellulose.


Best Week Long Regimen: Innisfree My Real Squeeze Masks $1.80 and Soybean Sheet Masks $6

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Sometimes, one face mask doesn’t feel like enough– that’s when Innisfree saves us! With tons of choices, you can create the right regimen for your skin-type. Choose from 18 My Real Squeeze Masks (yes, eighteen) and 2 Fermented Soybean Sheet Masks to rejuvenate and renew our skin. Our favorite thing about these masks? They’re super hydrating and brightening, but gentle enough to use every day if you want!

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