Meet your newest accessory: the Spire Stone . We know that trackers are all the rage in the world of wellness. FitBit started the trend and everyone followed. But the Spire Stone  places its focus on wellness, not necessarily fitness, and tracks your breathing to encourage periods of calm and focus.


What is the Spire Health Tag?


The Spire Stone is a small device that looks like a stone. You can wear it on the waistband of your pants or shorts, or in the center of your bra.  Using an accompanying app that you can download to your device, it tracks your breathing patterns. It sorts breathing patterns into 4 main categories: calm, focused, tense, and active. It also tracks sedentary time and neutral breathing.


How does it work?



The Spire Stone uses motion to detect your breathing patterns and whether your breathing is calm, focused, tense, or active. The stone will vibrate when it notices a particular pattern– for example, if you had a period of calm that lasts 6 minutes, when it ends, the stone will vibrate and a message will appear on your phone letting you know about the period of calm.


It’s interesting to note your periods of calm, focus, and activity, but Spire is at its most useful when tracking your tense periods. If you’re tense for several minutes, the Spire app will notify you and suggest that it’s time for a break. You can then use the app’s “boosted”, guided breathing exercises, to take that break.


How can it help me?


There are a few aspects of this device and the app that I absolutely love– I think they’re the most helpful. When you’ve been sitting for a long period of time, the Spire will buzz and ask if now is a good time to stretch your legs. I love these little notifications– I spend most of my day sitting at my desk, and I need a reminder to get up every once in a while.


I also love the notifications when my breathing is tense– and the boosts that come with these. I don’t notice when I start to feel tense, but when the Spire stone buzzes, I instantly become aware of my breathing and I focus on relaxation and finding my way back to calm. The boosts help me do that by focusing on breathing slowly.


My other favorite feature of the Spire Stone is its reminders to take deep breaths. Every once in a while, Spire will let you know that you haven’t taken a deep breath for a while and maybe you’d like to take one. It doesn’t take up any time to take a deep breath– but it can do wonders for your mental health and stress levels. I love the little reminders to help stay calm and focused throughout the day.


Where to Buy


The Spire SP1 is available here for $129 or on Amazon for $115. Find your way to calm today.

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