The world of wellness can be complicated and overwhelming. What products should you be using and how do you decide what’s right for you? How do you make time for wellness in your busy schedule? What spa treatments should you get for maximum relaxation? Stressing out about your wellness choices seems a bit counterintuitive, so we’ve rounded up the most common wellness questions and asked the experts.


What are the best solutions to common skin concerns?


At Faina Day Spa, most of their clients are concerned about aging skin. Owner Faina says the best solution for aging skin is using products with these ingredients:

  • Glycolic acid to rejuvenate collagen production
  • Vitamin C to tighten & brighten
  • Hyaluronic acid to boost hydration


Esthetician Suzanne from VMV Hypoallergenics also sees a lot of clients that are concerned with rapid aging, and she recommends monthly facials and at-home prevention. “You always want to make sure that your cleanser is pH balanced, that you are exfoliating at least once a week, that you are using serums that have antioxidant properties, and most importantly that you are using the right SPF.”


Suzanne also sees clients concerned with congestion, which can be helped with monthly facials to remove blackheads and oil. Proper removal is so important– an experienced esthetician will avoid using too much pressure on the tissue to avoid broken capillaries and potential scarring.


What products do you use in your routine?


We know that everyone’s different, but we love hearing what the experts use in their skincare routine. Ronna from RonnaSkin uses products that absorb quickly into the skin and have low (or no) levels of glycerin. She likes to keep her routine simple with just three or four products every day.


Faina from Faina Day Spa has a few more steps and uses a cleanser, serum, moisturizer with SPF, eye cream, Glycolic Treatment Cream, Vitamin C Serum, and Hydra Booster in her daily and nightly routines.  


What’s the most important factor in choosing a new product?


Suzanne always looks for transparency. She says, “our bodies respond well to what we organically produce; vitamins, hyaluronic acid,. collagen, etc. As we age, we lose some of these things. We have to supplement both internally and externally. I also don’t use anything with synthetic fragrances. There is simply no need for synthetic fragrance to address any skincare concern.”


Faina says it’s important to choose the right products with ingredients that are suitable for your skin type and your concerns. If you’re dehydrated, focus on hydrating products. If you’re worried about aging, focus on products that can tighten and brighten your skin while reducing wrinkles.


What tips do you have for people who want to make wellness a priority, but feel like they’re just too busy?


“Honestly, who isn’t too busy today?”  Ronna knows your life can be crazy! We recommend booking your appointments in advance, starting a routing and sticking to it! Skincare and wellness both take time and work– like anything else in life. Dedicate time for yourself– you won’t regret it.


Why is it important to get a facial every month?


We know the value of a good facial and so do our experts. Suzanne reminded us that facials remove congestion, kill bacteria, exfoliate, and your esthetician can answer any skincare question you might have. She also says that “you may be able to achieve goals with your esthetician that you would not be able to on your own.”


Suzanne loves transitioning her acne clients to clients. “This means the focus shifts from dealing with active active to brightening where acne has been… it’s the great feeling in the world to tell someone they have reached the moment where the skin condition that had brought them there in the first place has improved so much that they are ready for the next phase of their treatment.”


Ronna says your skin is your largest organ and protects you. You have more oil glands through the T Zone than almost anywhere else on your body. If you don’t regenerate through a proper exfoliation, dead skin continues to grow. This emphasizes imperfections in the skin as well as keeps toxins exposed to you through the skin. Monthly facials are the only way to properly exfoliate and remove dead skin.


What’s your favorite spa treatment?


Faina loves microdermabrasion and brightening Vitamin C facials. Ronna loves microneedling with silicone needles and relaxing Vichy showers! Suzanne loves flotation tanks or isolation tanks (usually called sensory deprivation tanks), in which individuals float. She also loves LED light therapy and shiatsu massages!


What questions do you have for our skincare experts? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll find out their answers!

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