We know you have a ton of fitness questions… From how often do you really need to be going to the gym, to are you going to hurt myself during a workout? Maybe even the dreaded weight loss questions – can you lose 5 pounds this week? What about 20? Working out can be intimidating and scary, but it’s so important for your well-being and health. Read our answers to some of the top fitness questions below to help you feel confident and motivated during your next workout!


Girls working out. How much exercise per week is healthy?


How much exercise per week is healthy? What’s the least I can do?

You might think that you need to be exercising every day for hours to stay fit and lose weight, but that’s not the case! Most experts recommend exercising three to four times a week for 45 minutes during each workout session. We recommend exercising for two days in a row, followed by a rest day, and repeating this schedule throughout the week for maximum results– and minimum soreness!


What’s the best way to start a fitness program?

Working out is different for everyone but most people feel intimidated when they begin a fitness regimen. Our biggest piece of advice? Start slow. There’s no need to push yourself into an intense cardio regimen. Start by going on long walks or doing yoga in the morning. Find a workout that you love, and build from there!


Is there a healthy way to lose weight quickly by exercising?

We wish! The short answer– there’s no way to lose 20 pounds in 5 days… sorry. But there are some exercises that target weight loss better than others, like biking, climbing stairs, kickboxing, and rowing. These exercises burn the maximum about of calories and will help you lose weight more quickly. Just remember that your body needs time to change, no matter how intense your workout is.


How intense do my workouts need to be to be effective?

A common myth in the fitness world is that you need to be running miles everyday, climbing stairs, or doing other intense cardio workouts to be effective and fit. That’s not true! Walking, jogging, and practicing yoga can be some of the most effective and functional workouts. Just make sure you’re exercising for a set amount of time and staying consistent, you’ll see results!


Is there such a thing as too much exercise? How can I keep myself safe while exercising?

You definitely can overwork yourself and exercise too often and too much– this goes back to our first question, how much exercise per week is healthy? Stay safe by talking with your doctor when you start a new workout regimen, working out with friends or a personal trainer, and taking things slowly. If you start to feel pain during a workout, stop right away. Our number one tip is to always take things slowly and stop when you need a break. You can build your way up to more intense workouts!


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