Summer is the season of travel. Whether you’re jetsetting to buzzing cities, tranquil forests, or blissful beaches, flying can take a tax on your skin and your hair. Dryness, breakouts, frizzy and dirty hair… we’ve all been there.  This summer, I took a trip abroad and tested out the best products around to make my journey just that much better. Here are my long flight skincare tips and product recommendations. 


Purlisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Masks $36

Long flight skincare tips: Purlisse sheet mask

I admit, using a sheet mask in-flight can be a little bit embarrassing. You’ll definitely feel like everyone’s staring at you (you know they aren’t, but also… aren’t they?) Pro tip: it’s easiest to deal with these moments if you’re sitting in a window seat and have a nighttime flight where you can avoid the gaze of strangers and flight attendants.

Sheet masks are really the only option you have in flight, because you don’t exactly have the time to spread clay all over your face. We love the Blue Lotus Seaweed mask because it’s both hydrating and soothing, the two most important things while you’re traveling. Our skin felt refreshed, hydrated, and calmer after using this mask in-flight.


IGK Swipe Up Dry Shampoo + No-Frizz $18 each

Long flight skincare tips: IGK Swipe Up wipes

Long flights don’t exactly come with showers (we wish) and you can’t start spraying dry shampoo in the middle of the flight (yikes), so these handy wipes are the best option. You use them to wipe away the grease and frizz from your head. They’re a great way to freshen up mid-flight or after you land. Disclaimer: they’re pretty small, so you might need to use more than one if you have long, fuller hair.


Patchology on the Fly Kit $20

Long flight skincare tips: Patchology On the Fly Kit

The most important long flight skincare tip is to focus on convenience, and the Patchology On the Fly Kit is the most convenient of them all. In one small, portable kit you get 2 sheet masks, 1 set of hydrating eye mask, and a hydrating lip mask.

Hydration is key during a long flight because the air up there tends to suck the life out of you. I was most impressed with the FlashMasque Hydrate, because it left my skin feeling incredibly moisturized and hydrated, like I wasn’t even on a long flight. It was also easy to use and mess-free, a key factor in-flight.

The other mask did its job, leaving my skin looking brighter after a tiring overnight flight. The lip and eye gels worked well too– the perfected add hydration for those sensitive areas that need the extra boost of moisture.


Karuna Face Masks $8 each

Long flight skincare tips: Karuna Face Masks

Karuna’s MatteMud Face Mask is a fun treat for your skin that’s craving a mud mask, but can’t get it in-flight. This is a great deep-cleansing option for when you feel like all the germs on the plane are getting to you. It is a little messier than the other face masks, so I used one of my Anytime Pads to get rid of excess mud after the treatment.

The Age-Defying Mask focuses on the worst part of aging– loss of moisture (ok, maybe not the worst part, but definitely one of them). As we get older, our skin gets drier and drier, and we crave hydrating ingredients. This mask is made specifically for that skin that needs a moisture boost, and we know we never need that boost more than when we’re on a long flight.


Grace and Stella Anti-Wrinkle+ Energizing Eye Masks $16

Long flight skincare tips: Grace and Stella patches

Puffy eyes and dark circles are the biggest sign of a weary travel. Long flights can suck the life out of your skin, especially the most sensitive part of your skin– the under-eye area. One of our favorite long flight skincare tips: make sure you take care of that super sensitive area. These luxurious gold masks brighten, hydrate, and reduce wrinkles to make you look young and well-rested, even when you’re so tired that you need an IV of caffeine.


Beauty RX Anytime Pads $14

Long flight skincare tips: BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz anytime pads

These are an absolute must for the modern traveler. I left for my flight in the middle of the workday and had on a full-face of makeup before we took off on our 10-hour journey. It was an overnight flight and I was going to at least attempt to sleep, so I knew taking off my makeup was important.

Generally, it’s a good idea to take off your makeup on any long-flight, whether it’s overnight or not. So keep these Anytime Pads handy and you’ll be able to wipe away makeup, dirt, and oil with just one swipe.


What are your favorite in-flight products? How do you make the plane feel like the spa? (Okay, maybe not quite…) Let us know in the comments below!

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