You know that girl at the gym who’s always rocking a full face of makeup? We’re always a little in awe of her. You need to do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but for us a full face at the gym is a bold choice. Whether or not you sport makeup to the gym, you’ve probably wondered what the best skincare routine is for you before and after a workout. We’re here to help! Here are the best tips for your skincare routine before & after workouts.



Washing Face - Skincare Routine Before & After Workouts

Cleanse: No matter what time of day you’re heading to the gym, you’ll want to wash your face before you go there. We recommend using a gentle cleanser to wash away impurities and help control the oil on your face that will inevitably build up during a workout.

Tone: You can skip a lot of steps in your standard skincare routine before a workout, but toning is not one of them! Toning is really important for oil-control, and since you’ll be sweating out a lot of toxins during your workout, you’ll want to use a toner to prep your skin.


Moisturize: Don’t skimp on the moisturizer before a workout. You might think you can skip it because you’ll be sweating it all off anyway– don’t! You lose a lot of water during your workouts, so you’ll definitely want to make sure your skin in as hydrated as possible before you head to the gym.



Moisturizer - Skincare Routine Before & After Workouts

Cleanse: After a workout is one of the most important times to cleanse your face, since your pores will be full of sweat and other impurities. Use a gentle cleanser geared towards reducing redness (we love this one).


Moisturize (with SPF!): After a workout, you’ll want to replenish as much water as possible in your body and in your skin. We recommend a moisturizer with SPF (like HydraPhase Intense UV from La Roche Posay) to protect and hydrate your skin.


What products do you use before and after a workout? Let us know in the comments below!

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