We’re always hearing about hundreds of trending and interesting health tips and wellness ideas. Whether it’s the latest diet fad or the apple cider vinegar bath, we try to keep up on what’s trending in the wellness industry. Sometimes those trends aren’t great, but sometimes they actually are beneficial to your body. Here are 5 interesting health trends of 2018 that actually work:



  • Cold showers in the morning

Cold showers - interesting health tips


Not the most fun health trend, but cold showers in the morning are effective. They help wake you up. Plus, it’s better to wash your hair with cold water anyway. It also means you’ll take quicker showers, which is better for the environment (and better for being on time at your office…)



  • Warm lemon water in the water

Warm lemon water in the morning - interesting health tips


Jumpstart your day with some lemon water! This tip aids digestion, boosts your immune system, and leads to a healthy weight and healthy skin! What can’t lemon water do? It’s important to hydrate in the morning, and adding some lemon to your glass of water is very beneficial to your body and overall health.



  • Eating medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms - interesting health tips


Medicinal mushrooms are all the rage in 2018. You may have seen them in your local health store, but been too nervous to pick them up and try them for yourself. Fear not: these medicinal mushrooms don’t have any psychoactive properties. There are a lot of different kinds of mushrooms to try, and they can do everything from lowering cholesterol to enhancing athletic performance.



  • Bespoke EVERYTHING

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One of our favorite trends of 2018 is that everything is personalized this year. Spas have been ahead of the curve on this trend for years, and we love that everyone else is finally catching on. Personalized skincare, diet plans, exercise plans, and vitamins are all a huge improvement in the way we take care of ourselves. There are no one-size-fits-all methods to wellness and we love seeing all aspects of the industry getting more and more personalized for your needs.



  • Tracking everything

Health trackers - interesting health tips


The tracking trend has been taking over the wellness world for a while now. It may seem overwhelming, but it’s actually a great thing– as long as we don’t overdo it. Tracking your weight, sleep, exercise, and what you’re eating encourages you to make small healthier choices that lead to big health choices.


If you know that you’ve only walked a few thousand steps today, you might decide to walk instead of taking the subway home. If you know you’ve eaten a lot of high-calorie foods today, you might choose a banana instead of that piece of chocolate. Tracking leads to more conscious choices, and therefore, healthier choices.


What’s your favorite interesting health tip? Let us know in the comments below!

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