National Relaxation Day is August 15 and we’re getting ready to celebrate! As one of our favorite days of the year we celebrate in as many ways as possible. In case you needed more of a reason to treat yourself, if you use the code NATIONALSTRESS1818 at, you can get a $50 gift card for $39.99 or a $100 gift card for $79.99. Buy more to save more!

Looking for other ways to celebrate the holiday? Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1. Get a Massage

There are many benefits of massage therapy, and one of our favorites is the way it relaxes our bodies and soothes our muscles. Book a massage at a local spa and search for deals here. It’s the best way to celebrate!


2. Or Indulge in a complete spa day

Have more time to spare? Indulge in a complete spa day at your local spa. Whether you’re lounging in the sauna, lying on the massage table, or going for a dip in the pool, spas are all about relaxation and indulgence. There’s nowhere better to spend the day! Remember, purchase a $50 gift card for $39.99 or a $100 gift card for $79.99 to save while you spa! 


3. Take the best bath of your life

Baths are a great way to relax in the comfort of your home. Read about our best bath ever here, and pick out products that will make you feel calm and refreshed.


4. Or treat yourself to a self-care day

Long, warm baths are one way to take care of yourself. Another way we love? Having a long self-care day: complete with a cozy bath, a refreshing face mask, and an invigorating skin care routine. Read about our favorite products to indulge with here. Trust us, you deserve it!


5. Do yoga

Another one of our favorite ways to relieve stress and relax is a long yoga routine. Hit your favorite local studio, search for classes at your gym, or do yoga in the comfort of your own home with these poses or the guided Down Dog App. Whichever way you choose, you’ll feel calm and refreshed after a yoga session.


6. Sip some tea and read your favorite book

Tea has some seriously delicious soothing properties. Read some of our favorite teas to soothe your soul here. Then curl up with your favorite book, sip your tea, and relax. This is our favorite way to spend some time inside!


7. Go on an easy walk in nature

Walking is another great way to relax, and this way, you can do it while getting some exercise! We know that hiking in nature literally changes our brains, and there’s no better time to get outside and get moving than during the summer! Choose an easy path and spend time exploring.


8. Netflix and Chill — really

Grab your partner (or curl up with your dog) and literally chill. Put on your favorite Netflix show or binge a new one– sometimes we all need a day in bed with nothing but our computer and a Netflix password.


9. Take a nap

Any holiday we can celebrate by sleeping is a holiday we love. Seriously, sometimes your body just needs a break– and what better way to take a break than with a nap. Think happy thoughts and drift off to sleep. Don’t set the alarm. Just let yourself rest.


10. Do whatever makes you happy!

The best way to really celebrate National Relaxation Day is to treat yourself! Do whatever that means to you. Whether it’s something on this list or another activity that makes you happy, relaxing is all about you and your body. Live your life!


What are you doing to celebrate National Relaxation Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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