Skincare addicts, meet your new obsession: PMD Beauty. This revolutionary at-home skincare brand is bringing beauty to the masses with their personalized cleansing, microdermabrasion, and lip plumping products.


Here at Spa Week, we can’t get enough of microdermabrasion. This non-invasive treatment sands down your skin, eliminating that layer of thick and uneven skin and leaving you with baby-soft and smooth skin. Now, you can get spa-quality microdermabrasion at home! This treatment can’t replace regular spa visits and treatments– nothing really can– but it’s a great maintenance item that leaves you with better, brighter, beautiful skin! This revolutionary product that started it all has given 95% of users visibly brighter skin and 96% noticed their skincare products absorbed better. We can’t remember life before we had our personalized microderm and we don’t want to!


PMD Kiss is another revolutionary product that instantly changed the beauty industry. This smart, anti-aging lip plumping treatment creates visible results for hours and boosts collagen production longterm to give you constant reactions. Kylie Jenner may have removed her fillers, but she never would have needed them if she had just used PMD Kiss from the start!


PMD’s third revolutionary product is a cleansing device that cleanses and tones your skin for a more youthful appearance. With over 7000 vibrations per minute (woah), the SonicGlow technology gives you a deep clean and lifts, firms, and tones problem areas.


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