We hit the streets to try out top treatments available this Spa Week. Reserve your spot and treat yourself to a $50 spa day this Spa Week from October 15-21.




Need a pick me up? The Vitamin IV Drip treatment at Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness delivers vitamins right into your bloodstream to help fight off illness, give you a boost of energy, wake you up, and hydrate your full body! You’ll feel better instantly with this holistic treatment. Watch the full treatment here on our Instagram @spaweek. #MySpaWeek



Get the best of everything with the 4D Facial at Skin Bar. This unique treatment includes microdermabrasion, ultrasound, and microcurrent all under LED lighting. This all-in-one treatment left our skin feeling so smooth and soft, and we could see such a lift in our eyes! Watch the full treatment here or on our Instagram @spaweek. #MySpaWeek



Want bolder and longer lashes without eyelash extensions? The lash lift at Glamor Skin is what you’ve been searching for! This treatment curls and lifts the lashes, making them appear longer without any chemicals or extensions. Watch the transformation here on our Instagram @spaweek.






Lose weight the easy way! Cryo Fat Freezing literally freezes the fat in a targeted area of the body and in the weeks following the treatment, you’ll slowly lose the weight through natural processes. The treatment uses a machine to vacuum up fat and freeze it, making it easier to lose weight. Watch the video here on our Instagram @spaweek. #MySpaWeek



Experience a face lift: the natural way. This treatment uses microcurrent to lift the face, causing your skin to look younger and more radiant. After this treatment, our skin was glowing! See the results for yourself here.


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