When Veterans Hospital patients on the road to recovery suddenly die in increasing numbers, it’s up to VA Special Agent in Charge Bruce Sackman to find out why. His shocking discovery rips open the hidden world of what goes on behind the bedside curtains when a killer doctor or nurse decides a patient must die.


Now that the weather is changing, it’s the perfect excuse to stay in and cozy up with a good read. If you love true crime, murder mysteries and a good case to solve, Behind the Murder Curtain is the perfect weekend read.

Behind the Murder Curtain by Bruce Sackman, Michael Vecchione, and Jerry Schmetterer may seem too insane to be true– but this memoir and nonfiction book is the true story of how these detectives blew the lid on Medical Serial Killers.

Behind the Murder Curtain tells the story of VA Special Agent in Charge Bruce Sackman as he uncovered the dark and secret world of medical serial killers. Sackman discovered four medical serial killers (MSKs) in Veterans Hospitals, while developing the RED FLAGS PROTOCOL, which is now taught to investigators and forensic nurses throughout the world as a tool to stop MSKs.

“The doctor sat for three hours, fixated on his patient, serenely watching the numbers on the monitor indicating the patient dying, dying, then dead. The doctor rose from his seat, made a notation on the patient’s file, drew the curtain and went to the next patient on his rounds. A few minutes later, he reported to the nurse on duty that one of the patients in his care had unexpectedly died.”


You’re hooked, right? We couldn’t put this book down — even when we were scared to keep reading! The detective work and diligence from Bruce Sackman and his team saved thousands of lives. The world (especially hospitals) is a much safer place thanks to their dedication and hard work. Behind the Murder Curtain takes you on the ride of a lifetime as Bruce Sackman uncovers the hints and clues that ultimately lead to the arrests and trials of these MSKs.

When are you at your most vulnerable? When are you at your weakest? Medical Serial Killers take advantage of sick, weak patients that are under their care– making these patients easy kills for heartless murderers. Join Bruce Sackman on his journey to catch killers in Behind the Murder Curtain.

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