Finding your perfect perfume can be a struggle. You want to find the scent that’s right for for you, but you also want it to be seasonal and something that will fit your changing moods. But once you find a scent you love, you might want to keep wearing it everyday for the rest of your life.


We know there are so many perfumes out there, it can be hard to pick a few to highlight. That’s why we’ve rounded up our two favorite scents for every season. Here are our top picks:



Ahh, autumn. The season of pumpkin, cloves, and apple. In autumn, we love scents that are warm, comforting, and light as we transition from long summer nights to cozy winter days.


Louis Vuitton: Attrape-Reves $240

View 1 - FRAGRANCES DISCOVER THE COLLECTION Attrape-Rêves | Louis Vuitton ®

We love this light and airy fragrance for fall. The main scent is cocoa: comforting and soothing for fall. The raw cocoa mixes with peonies, litchi, and sparkling notes – this festive fragrance is a “celebration of wonderment” and a wonderful way to ease into the fall season.


Chanel Les Eaux De Chanel $130

A mix of Neroli, Vanilla, and Tonka, this warm scent is exotic, enchanting, fresh, and sensual – the perfect blend. We love the way all of these notes and ingredients combine to create a luxurious and unique scent. The season of fall is all about change and we love the way this fragrance is so many things at once.



Spring is my favorite season and definitely has my favorite scents. Spring is all about things coming to life – flowers and trees and baby animals! We love spring fragrances that are full of floral notes and light, airy tones.


Nest Black Tulip $74

This light, fresh scent is an alluring, dark way to embrace the light season of spring. The main scent comes from black amber plum and is enhanced by patchouli, pink pepper, and Japanese violet. This sexy scent is a great everyday fragrance as the weather warms up.


Aqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea $68

Acqua di Parma calls this scent deeply uplifting and we couldn’t agree more. As the winter snow begins to melt and the cold thaws into spring, we need a little pick-me-up. Mirto di Panarea combines myrtle, basil, Italian lemon, Italian bergamot, marine breeze, jasmine, damask rose, lentisc, juniper, virginian cedarwood, and amber to give you that pick-me-up you need!



Summer is all about fun in the sun, enjoying the heat, and chilling out in the water. We love summer scents that feel like a tropical island and an escape from normal life.


Aqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri $68

Escape to Italy with this relaxing, bright, fruity fragrance. This scent includes notes of orange, mandarin, and lemon – giving you a fruity, citrus scent of the summer. This light scent is perfect for laying out in the summer and relaxing in the sunlight.


Jo by Jo Loves $175

This scent combines all of the things we adore about summer – the light, fruity notes of grapefruit and lime– and the sensual notes of cedarwood and black pepper. This scent is a great way to go from a relaxing day in the sun to a night out by the bonfire. It’s versatile enough for all of your summer adventures.


Sweater weather! For us, winter is all about comfort. Being cozy in a blanket by the fire, watching the snow fall, baking cookies. We want our scents to bring that same comfort that is so signature to winter.


Nest Cocoa Woods $74

This unique scent is absolutely perfect for winter– the name really says it all. Hot cocoa and calm woods are ideal scents for the winter. This perfume combines bittersweet cocoa, sequoia wood, white sandalwood, Thai ginger, and tiare blossom. It’s relaxing and subtle- a comfort blanket for the chilly season.


Nest Midnight Fleur $74

You might think florals are out of place in winter, but sometimes we all need that extra pick me up that a floral fragrance brings. Midnight Fleur is the best floral for winter: it combines exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and vanilla orchid to create a bold and sensual scent.


What perfumes do you love for every season? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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