Pumpkin spice season is officially here – and we couldn’t be happier! While you’re sipping your pumpkin spice latte and eating pumpkin pie, we’re heading to the spa to indulge in these seasonal treatments. Here are our five favorite pumpkin treatments, available at a spa near you:

  1. Seasonal Pumpkin Facial



Pumpkin is a natural ingredient full of antioxidants. We love the way pumpkin brightens and exfoliates, leaving your skin smooth, bright, and clear from any blemishes. Check out pumpkin facials and search for options in your area here.


2. Pumpkin Aromatherapy Massage



Can’t stop smelling your pumpkin spice latte on your way to the office? Always lighting pumpkin candles at home? A pumpkin aromatherapy massage is the perfect treatment for you! Many spas offer seasonal aromatherapy add-ons during a classic Swedish massage or a classic Aromatherapy massage. Search for aromatherapy massages in your area here.


3. Pumpkin Manicure & Pedicure



Nails need an upgrade? Get them into the fall spirit with a pumpkin manicure and pedicure. These treatments can include everything from a pumpkin foot scrub to a pumpkin-scented lotion. If you really want to get into the fall spirit, choose a pumpkin-inspired nail polish shade!  Search for listings in your area here.


4. Pumpkin Body Scrub



Pumpkin is one of our all-time favorite exfoliating ingredients. It’s gentle enough for most skin types, but it works wonders when buffing away dead skin and revealing a smooth, soft layer underneath. Choose a pumpkin body scrub this fall to exfoliate away and get baby soft skin. Search for listings in your area here.


5. Pumpkin Facial Peel



Sensing a theme here? As we mentioned, pumpkin is a great exfoliant and a great way to renew your skin. A pumpkin facial peel is a great (natural) way to rejuvenate your skin and reveal a fresh layer of smooth, soft, and even skin. Search for pumpkin peels in your area here.


What’s your favorite way to celebrate pumpkin spice season? Let us know in the comments below!

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