Hydrating dry skin can be a struggle- products are either too heavy, too watery, too oily, or they do… nothing. Finding the right serum to apply day and night to fight dehydration and combat dry skin has been our mission for years, but nothing has worked. That was until we tried Filorga Hydra-Hyal Concentrate.


This treatment is full of all the best ingredients: 4 types of hyaluronic acid and 2 vegetal boosting ingredients that give this formula a youth-enhancing effect. We’re obsessed with hyaluronic acid here at Spa Week, and to have this 4-in-1 combo is a serious dream come true. We’re talking maximum hydration.


This serum has a gel texture– it’s hydrating but not too watery, and isn’t sticky at all. After initially applying this serum, I noticed 3 things:


  1. I love the way this smells.

It may seem silly, but I was so impressed with this formula’s scent. It’s not overpowering, but it’s a light, refreshing scent that smells natural and delicious. It made me eager and excited to lather the product all over my face!


  1. I love the way this feels on my skin.

Once I actually put the serum on my skin, I was sold. The gel-like texture is soothing and refreshing, and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated without being oily.


  1. Wow, this is SO hydrating!

A little later on, I realized that my skin felt more hydrated than it had in a long time and I was totally convinced that this was the right product for my skin, and for all dry skin types.
Trust me: this stuff works. Hyaluronic acid is no joke when it comes to hydration and it’s the treatment your skin has been waiting for. Want to try it for yourself? Buy Hydra-Hyal Serum here and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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