Skincare can be overwhelming sometimes. There are thousands of products designed and produced for every type of skin concern or condition and every skin type. It can be hard to read about all of the new products coming out every month, let alone try them all or find the right products that work for you. That’s where great estheticians can step in.


Estheticians are trained in skincare– they might be the only people in the world who understand your skin better than you do! We talked to some of our favorite estheticians at top spas to see what products they recommend for different skin types. Then, we tried the products for ourselves (spoiler alert: we were wowed). Here’s what we loved:


Sunday Riley’s Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit $85


Recommended by Kevin at Kur Skin Lab
This cult-favorite product line comes with professional recommendations too! Two powerhouse products combine in this Power Couple Duo set: Luna Sleeping Oil and Good Genes. When used together, these products can completely transform your skin. We had two girls in our office try the products (both with different skin types and concerns) and both were blown away by the immediate results. Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment is an effective exfoliant and moisturizer that also slows aging by smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Luna Sleeping Oil is a powerful retinol that reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and sun damages, while preventing irritation. These products seriously changed our skin– leaving us acne-free and glowing!


Naturopathica’s Neroli Clarifying Facial Oil $58


Recommended by Mechelle at Flowering Almond Spa at Founders Inn

Blemishes and acne are the two major concerns that estheticians hear the most about: so finding a product that actually prevents them is a major win. This facial oil is an amazing way to eliminate blemishes– it also brightens, keeps skin balanced, and gives you a healthy glow. This product absorbs quickly and controls oil– perfect for acne-prone, oily skin types!


Skinceuticals’ Hydrating B5 Mask $54


Recommended by Mechelle at Flowering Almond Spa at Founders Inn

Mechelle loves this product for traveling because it’s the ultimate hydrator! This hydrating gel mask is full of Hyaluronic Acid (our favorite secret ingredient!) that leaves skin supple and smooth. Mechelle uses it weekly to replenish hydration and we can see why — hydration is so important! This is definitely coming in our carry-on for our next long flight: it’s a must-have.


Yonka Paris’ Time Resist Day/Night Moisturizer $122 each


Recommended by Nicole at Rockland Skincare

If you’re worried about aging and wrinkles – this is the product for you. Nicole loves the active ingredients in this formula: new-generation plant-based stem cells and anti-inflammatory lipoamino acids. This product has quickly replaced other anti-aging products in our line up. And we’re not the only ones saying that: 75% of women saw fewer wrinkles after using this product in a clinical trial.


Yonka Paris’ Emulsion Pure $60


Recommended by Nicole at Rockland Skincare

Nicole describes this as their hero product: Emulsion Pure. This product addresses the unique needs of your skin while purifying and regenerating skin. Basically: this product kicks out breakouts and leaves you with beautiful, clear skin. This multi-action staple can be used for all types of irritation: before and after waxing, on sunburn, on insect bites, and scars and blemishes. It’s a serious gamechanger.


SkinCeuticals’ Biocellulose Restorative Mask $120


Recommended by Brooke at Flowering Almond Spa at Founders Inn

This product is one of Brooke’s favorite choices for sensitive skin! We love that this mask gives us instant results while also being calming and soothing for sensitive skin. Active ingredients help to protect skin from environmental damage– leaving you with beautiful skin for years to come.  


VMV Hypoallergenics’ Red Better Deeply Soothing Cleansing Cream ($24) and Red Better Daily Calming Moisturizer ($32)


Recommended by Suzanne at VMV Hypoallergenics Skin Specialist Boutique

As someone who suffers from sensitive, red skin, VMV’s Red Better skin line is life-changing. When Suzanne first recommended these products to me, I was amazed by how quickly I saw a difference in my skin tone. This cleanser-moisturizer duo is calming, soothing, and effective. Within days, I noticed my skin was less red, less irritated, and just happier!


Ultraluxe’s Retinol Renewal $121


Recommended by Nadia at Tribeca Beauty Spa

Retinol is a must in every beauty junkie’s skincare routine, but finding the right formula for you can be tricky. This product is a lightweight serum with an advanced delivery system which allows the retinol to be pushed deep into the skin, making it more effective. The best part? This formula is non-drying, giving you serious results without flaking skin.

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