When the seasons change, sometimes our skin and hair can suffer. As the temperatures dip lower and the air gets drier, it can be hard to adjust our beauty routine. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best product for every issue you might be facing this fall: whether it’s dry skin or a serious craving for all things pumpkin!


For Your Hair: Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair $50


After a long summer, your hair might need some time to recover. Is your hair feeling rough, dry, and weak this fall? This is the product for you. Using carrageenan and rhodophycea extract to nourish and soften hair, this formula also strengthens and moisturizes hair, giving you healthy, luscious locks.


For Your Stressed Out Skin: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum $46

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Dr. Jart’s Tiger Grass line changed the industry when it launched earlier this year and it’s definitely a must-have for fall. The change in the season can cause a lot of stress on your skin and that’s where Dr. Jart’s serum comes in. Using natural “tiger grass” this formula is perfect for eliminating redness, soothing irritated skin, and treating acne.


For Your Chapped Lips: Naturally Serious Lip Service 3-in-1 Lip Serum $16

Chapped lips are definitely the worst part of fall and winter. If you need something a little stronger than your average chapstick that you’re reapplying every 10 minutes, Naturally Serious’s lip service is perfect for you. This hydrating serum protects from the environment while also restoring lips with antioxidants and great ingredients (like hyaluronic acid squalane, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter!).


For Your Dry Skin: Honest Beauty Magic Organic Beauty Facial Oil $27.99

If you suffer from dry skin all year, fall and winter can be a dreaded time for you. For those dry skin types, we recommend a facial oil that can fully restore moisture to your dehydrated skin. This product can be used by itself or mixed with your moisturizer for a boost of hydration. Natural fruit and seed oils nourish skin and restore moisture, giving you luminous and soft skin.


For Your Dull Skin: Lumene Valo Glow Lumenessence Brightening Beauty Lotion $14.99


Brighten your skin with this powerful beauty lotion! Formulated with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and naturally exfoliating fruit acids, this treatment is the ultimate pick me up for dull skin this fall. This product is perfect for clarifying and purifying – leaving your skin blemish free. It also exfoliates and leaves skin with a naturally bright and energized tone.


For Your Body: Goop G.Nite Bedtime Bath Soak $35


Restless nights leaving you feeling exhausted and out of it the next morning? We feel ya. That’s why Goop’s G.Nite Bedtime bath soak is one of our new favorites. This relaxing bath soak helps your body to unwind and relax after a chilly, long fall day. The soft scents of sandalwood and lavender will help lull you into a calm state.


For Your Pumpkin Cravings: Summer Fridays Overtime Mask $44


You don’t think we could make this list without including one of our all-time favorite ingredients, did you?! Packed with vitamins A, K, and C and delicious pumpkin, this mask exfoliates, hydrates, and brightens skin, leaving you glowing. We love the way this product gives us a next-level glow, while using all-natural ingredients and smelling like a freshly baked pumpkin pie!


For Acne & Blemishes: CosRx Triple C Lightning Fluid $27


Everytime this product comes back in stock, it sells out again. This powerful vitamin C serum is a cult favorite and is perfect for all skin types, but especially those prone to acne and blemishes. The key ingredient, 20.5% pure vitamin C, is all about ~balancing~ your skin and returning your skin to its natural radiance.


For Literally Everything: Elemis Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask $45


If there’s one product we can’t stop talking about this fall, it’s this multitasking mask. This game-changing mask is one of the few products we recommend for everyone – all skin types, all skin concerns. This mineral-rich treatment uses peptides and flowers to revitalize dull skin, brighten skin, minimize pores, and exfoliate away dead skin cells. It literally does it all and this is definitely one product you can’t miss this fall.


What are your favorite products this fall 2018? What are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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