Losing weight and sticking to our goals is a year round struggle, but it can be even harder during the holiday season. So many of us will make 2018 resolutions centered around healthy living and fitness, so we’re focusing on ending this year on a high note. Follow this plan to keep the pounds off and stay happy and healthy during this busy season.

Take advantage of spa treatments


The holidays can be stressful… I can already hear Aunt Carol yelling and I don’t even want to think about the political arguments we’ll get into this year. Stress can derail you from your weight loss goals for the rest of the year. Pick up a Spa Week Wellness Gift Card and say goodbye to all that stress. You can redeem the gift card at over 9,000 spas and wellness facilities across the country so go ahead, treat yourself to that massage! You deserve it.  

You can look into weight loss specific spa treatments on our site, like the Hepatobiliary Meridian Body Detoxification Massage at You and Her Spa in New York or the Infrared Body Slimming Blanket at Fabulous Touch in Brooklyn. Bring your family along and give them a gift card to use—a trip to the spa makes a great gift, and you’ll get your dose of relaxation and family bonding time.

Make a plan before the party

Who else is going to their 12th holiday party this weekend? If you’re anything like us at Spa Week, the holiday season means party after party with tempting treats and drinks. Come prepared! Offer to bring a healthy dish and set a strict limit on how many drinks you can have and how many times you should get back up for seconds.  Having a plan will help you know when to stop—enjoy the parties, without any of the guilt!

Stay hydrated 


Sipping spa water isn’t the only time you should be focusing on hydration. Alternate with a glass of water between each alcoholic drink during your nights out. Drinking plenty of water is crucial for weight loss and you won’t be as eager for that third (or sixth) drink when you have plenty of water in your system. Water can also add that special glow to your skin. A bonus of drinking water? No hangovers!

Keep active with your family

These days, our gym motivation is pretty low. It’s cold outside; it’s getting dark earlier and earlier; and we have so much to do to prepare for the holidays. Instead of using your family as an excuse, make them hold you accountable for getting your daily steps in! Bring your family members to your gym or for a walk around your neighborhood. You’ll get the workout your body needs and the quality time you want.

Eat a big breakfast


Yes, we’re really telling you to eat to lose weight. Experts recommend indulging in a large and filling (but still healthy) breakfast in the morning to prevent snacking throughout the day and late at night. Late-night snacking damages your metabolism and can make losing weight nearly impossible. The best way to prevent those munchies is eating enough food throughout the day.

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