2019 is finally here and we’re already seeing the trends of the year starting to make their appearances. Some trends, like CBD, have been popping up all over the wellness industry for a while, but others will make their first headlines in 2019. Check out the trends we’re already loving below:

  1. CBD Everything, Everywhere



If you thought that CBD was big in 2018, just you wait. The United States just legalized hemp and with this new development, we’re preparing for a major boom in the industry. More CBD products, CBD spa treatments, and CBD supplements will be popping up everywhere. We know we’ll see even more new developments with CBD treatments this year and we can’t wait to see what comes next!


2. Hormone-Driven Care and Treatments



The spa and medical industries are starting to realize just how much hormones affect us. We’ve known forever that hormones affect our skin (period zits, anyone?!) and our moods (we’ve all been there…) but scientists are realizing just how important hormones are for all aspects of wellness. Spas are starting to take that research and run with it… so expect for new, innovative treatments based on your hormones to take over in 2019.


3. Mainstream Medical Treatments



Here at Spa Week, we’ve loved the benefits of vitamin IV drips forever, but we’re starting to see these medical treatments pop up at non-medi spas all across the country. In 2019, we’re expecting even more medical treatments to make their way into the mainstream… IV Drips are for everyone!


4. Brain Boosts



Brain health is going to be front and center in 2019… and thank goodness for that! This is the year we’re finally going to make brain health a priority. Everything from new vitamin treatments that benefit the brain to meditation retreats for brain functionality will be making an appearance. In 2019, brain boosts and brain health will take a front seat.


5. Crystal Healing



We saw some of the ways crystal healing can transform spas in 2018  but we’re going to see it even more this year! In addition to traditional crystal treatments like reiki healing, we’re going to see creative new ways to use crystals in your daily life. New beauty tools (like the gua sha!) will start making their way into your routine and become a staple in classic facials all around the country.


What trends do you want to see make it big in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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