Setting new year’s resolutions can be overwhelming. You have big goals for the year– lose weight, read more often, get into the best shape of your life… but setting those as resolutions seems unrealistic and impossible.

Instead, focus on little goals that will help you reach your bigger targets. Instead of saying you’ll lose weight, say you’re going to practice mindful eating. Instead of saying you’re going to get into better shape, start taking the stairs when you can.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the healthiest resolutions for 2019 – and remember, it’s never too late to start trying!


  1. Drink more water.



Drinking more water is a goal that we set every year and never seem to stick with. I always say I’m going to drink 64 oz everyday… I never do it. This year, we’re sticking to a broader goal – just drinking more water. Hydrate as much as you can everyday and don’t beat yourself up if some days are better than others.


2. Exercise more (Or At All).



If you’re not exercising regularly, getting into shape can feel daunting. Start the year with a simple goal – exercise more than you did last year. Whether that means going on a 20 minute walk every day or doing yoga once a week, something is always better than nothing.


3. Practice mindful eating.



Diets come in and out of your life faster than someone speeding on the highway. Instead of starting 2019 with a fad diet or harsh restrictions on what you eat, try to practice mindful eating with each meal. That just means spending time thinking about your food while you’re eating it… you’ll find yourself making healthier choices and enjoying what you eat more.


4. Take the stairs.



Want a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to start? Begin with a simple step: take the stairs. When you’re thinking about waiting in line for the elevator, opt to jog up a few flights instead. It’s an easy way to start living a healthier life.


5. Set a bedtime and stick to it.



Getting more sleep should be a goal of yours in 2019, if it’s not already. The best way to get more sleep? Setting a bedtime and sticking to it. Trust us, you’ll be so grateful in the morning.


6. Keep a journal.



If you’re looking for a resolution for your spiritual and emotional health, journaling is a great way to get in touch with yourself. You don’t have to write everyday or write a lot, but get a journal and start writing when you have the time. It’s a great way to sort out emotions and resolve conflict within yourself.


7. Meditate.



Meditation is a healthy practice and one that we can’t recommend enough. If you’re looking for a new way to unwind and relax in 2019, this is the resolution for you. Meditating isn’t easy– so start with trying it for a few minutes at a time, once or twice a week.


8. Get fresh air everyday.



If you work at an office job, you might be guilty of this: do you sit at a desk all day? Is the only time you get fresh air during your walk to and from the subway or your car? We get it. This year, make sure you get fresh air everyday. Whether that means going on a walk during your lunch break, or taking the long way home, just make sure you spend time outside in 2019.


9. Floss every night!



Be honest- when was the last time you flossed? If the answer isn’t “yesterday” or “today”, you should make this resolution. Taking care of your teeth is part of self-care, and you know how much we love self-care here at Spa Week!


10. Spend more time on self-care.



And that brings us to our last resolution: spend more time on yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Self-care can mean a bunch of different things to different people, so just do what works for you.


What are your resolutions for 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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